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Werther Sandoval

Social communicator

Werther Sandoval (Caracas) Werther Sandoval is a professor in Organic Chemistry at the Pedagogical Institute of Caracas and a Social Communicator graduated from the Central University of Venezuela, where he completed the Master's Degree in Social Communication, teaches and is Head of the Chair of Interpretive Journalism. Sandoval participated in the Commission for the Design of the Degree Training Program in Social Communication at the Bolivarian University of Venezuela and has been a professor of Economic Journalism at the Andrés Bello Catholic University. He was a reporter and coordinator of the section Menu de Inversiones and of the magazine Finanzas, in the newspaper El Nacional, and a reporter and coordinator of both the page Guía del Dinero and of the off-page Finance Personal, in the newspaper El Universal. He was PDVSA's National Communications Manager, where he was also in charge of the newspaper Avances de la Nueva PDVSA, the radio program Hablemos de Petróleo and the interview space Barril de Ideas, on PDVSA TV. He is the creator and Coordinator of the Master of Social Communication in Energy Affairs, of the Venezuelan University of Hydrocarbons. He received the National Prize for Journalism. He has written for the newspaper Correo del Orinoco. He coordinated and edited the Ciudad Energética section of the Ciudad Caracas newspaper. He is co-author for the Central Bank of Venezuela of the didactic series El Dinero y La Política Monetaria. Author of the book in the process of publication The journalistic survey. Dictates communication workshops for the community media


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