The podcast of Últimas Noticias is a weekly information and opinion space of the newspaper Últimas Noticias hosted by Helga Malavé. Every Friday we review the most news of the national news scene with Alberto Cova, Director of Contents of Últimas Noticias. We bring you the different edges of a current issue with the opinion of specialists, protagonists, correspondents and people of national life. We also share the artistic news in the musical field. News and good music so that you close the week in context. 

Extradited Alex Saab to the US Impact of China in the West. Music by Axel Milanés.

Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab was extradited to the United States. Alberto Cova, Content Director of Últimas Noticias gives us your analysis. We spoke with the internationalist Sergio Rodríguez about the impact that the presence of China has had in the West. In the musical segment, the Cuban singer-songwriter Alex Milanés moves us with his song "Something is happening with my loneliness."

October 22

Two Venezuelan children murdered in Colombia. Lesbian rebellion. Music by Trina Medina.

Two Venezuelan children murdered in Colombia. Our Content Director Alberto Cova analyzes this news. October is the month of Lesbian Rebellion and to find out what it is about, we spoke with Génesis Millán, a human rights activist, LGBTIQ and Gender, and with Sandra Morán, popular educator and former deputy of the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala. In the musical segment Trina Medina delights us with “El Platanal”.

October 15

Credit Suisse Bank Report on Venezuela. Coronavirus outbreak. Music by Víctor Bolívar.

The Credit Suisse Bank gives a positive report on the Venezuelan economy and our Content Director, Alberto Cova, analyzes this news. The Coronavirus gains strength again with the Delta variant. We spoke with Dr. Héctor Rangel, head of the Coronavirus Research Project in Venezuela, to clarify its causes and take precautions. In the musical segment, several Venezuelan artists pay tribute to the Cumanian cultist Guillermina Ramírez under the musical production of Víctor Bolívar with the theme "I bought it with my reals."

October 8

Green Route Venezuela. First Justice vs. Popular will. Music by Silvina Estrada

Primero Justicia disassociates itself from the management of public assets made by the so-called “interim government” of Juan Guaidó. Alberto Cova, Content Director of Últimas Noticias He presents his analysis to us. The green route took Caracas to demand the decriminalization of abortion in Venezuela. We spoke with Sahili Franco from the Utopix Communication Platform, María Rodríguez, a member of Todos Nosotras Violeta, and Niyirée Baptista, head of the Genres and Feminisms area at the Latin American Journal Body and Territory, to address a taboo subject such as abortion. In our musical segment we will listen to the Mexican singer-songwriter Silvina Estrada and her song “Si me matan”.

October 1

New batch of vaccines arrives in Venezuela. Bicentennial Victory Plan. Ensemble Music B11.

The arrival in Venezuela of a new batch of vaccines is the most talked about news of this week and Alberto Cova, Director of Content of Últimas Noticias gives us your analysis. Bicentennial Victory Plan for back to school. The Minister of Popular Power for Education explains what it consists of and Professor María Alejandra Rendón gives us the details of its execution. In our musical segment we will have “Cantos de Lavandera” performed by Ensamble B11.

September 24

80th anniversary of the village newspaper. Partial agreements at the negotiating table in Mexico. Music by Aquiles Báez and Ensamble B11.

Últimas Noticias celebrates 80 years of life and we celebrate it together with four of its journalists: Elizabeth Cohén, head of Pulso Regional, Ángel González, director of Digital Development, Odry Farnetano, head of Writing for the Web, and Alberto Cova, director of Content for Últimas Noticias. Alberto also analyzes the most outstanding news of the week referring to the partial agreements reached in Mexico. In the musical segment, Ensamble B-11 interprets the song by Aquiles Báez, “Eres la flor del cacao”.

September 10

The G4 will participate in elections 2021. Back to school under the “new normal”. Music of Santa Massiel.

The G4 will participate in the November 2021 elections. Our content director Alberto Cova analyzes this news. If you are concerned about going back to classes in person, you should not miss our conversation with school psychologist Irene Ladrón de Guevara. In the musical segment we will vibrate to the rhythm of the Cuban singer Santa Massiel and her song “Todo explolla”.

September 3

Rain emergency. 50 years of Serenata Guayanesa.

Declared a State of Emergency in five states of Venezuela. Our Content Director Alberto Cova analyzes this news. The serenade is Guayanese and up to its 50th anniversary. To celebrate, we spoke with Iván and César Pérez Rossi. In our musical segment we give you an Old Love Recipe with Guayanese Serenade.

27 August

Venezuelan government and opposition dialogue in Mexico. USA suffers defeat in Afghanistan. Music by Leonel Ruiz.

The Venezuelan government and the opposition sit down to talk and Mexico serves the table. Our Content Director Alberto Cova analyzes this news. We spoke with the internationalist Sergio Rodríguez about the defeat of the United States in Afghanistan and in our musical segment, the Venezuelan singer-songwriter Leonel Ruiz presents his most recent song “Diagnosis involuntary”.

August 20

The PSUV primaries held. IPCC reports code red for humanity. Music by Eduardo Zayas.

On August 8, the PSUV chose its candidates for the elections in November of this year and our Director of Content, Alberto Cova, analyzes this news. Red code for humanity according to the United Nations IPCC report. We talked about it with the Consultant in Sustainability and Climate Change, César Aponte. The Puerto Rican composer Eduardo Zayas, premieres his most recent musical production "Huerta de Soneros" where he includes the theme "La salsa de Venezuela" on the voice of Orlando Watussi.

13 August

BCV announces currency reconversion. Venezuela at the Olympics. Arya's music.

The Central Bank of Venezuela announced monetary reconversion in the country. Our Content Director Alberto Cova analyzes this news. We spoke with the sports journalist Gerardo Blanco, Head of Information for the daily Líder, and we also spoke with the cyclist Julio César León, the first Venezuelan Olympian, about the beginnings and trajectory of Venezuela in the Olympic games. The Venezuelan singer-songwriter Arya, premieres her song “Mad”.

6 for August.

Julio Mayora's dedication generates controversy. Tribute to the Liberator in Mexico. Music by Manuela Moreno

The words of the Olympic silver medalist generate controversy. We spoke with the politologist Gabriela Molina about the validity of Bolivarian thought on the occasion of paying tribute to her in the 200 years of Mexican independence. Manuela Moreno presents her most recent song "Sobra de me".

July 30nd.

Relaxation of quarantine in Venezuela. Music by Orlando Watussi.

The Venezuelan government is holding a popular consultation on the easing of the quarantine that we analyzed on this occasion together with the journalist Alberto Cova and we spoke with Dr. Ricardo León. In the musical segment, the Venezuelan singer Orlando Watussi brings us his most recent song "The truth."

July 23nd.

"The Party of Caracas." Criminal gang from Cota 905. Music by Efrén Avellaneda.

Unveiled criminal operation La Fiesta de Caracas, Alberto Cova presents his analysis. We spoke with the journalist Eligio Rojas about the Cota 905 criminal gang. In our musical segment Efrén Avellaneda premieres his song “Conflicto”.

July 16nd.

Police operation in Cota 905. Vaccines, myths and realities. Music by Axel Milanés.

Since last July 7, a police operation has been carried out against a criminal gang in Cota 905. Our Director of Contents Alberto Cova analyzes this news. To get vaccinated or not to get vaccinated, we spoke with journalist Alejandra Morales Hackett about this "dilemma." The singer-songwriter Axel Milanés delights us in the musical segment with his song "I think to think".

July 9nd.

PSUV goes to primary elections. The Venezuelan cocuy goes on tour. Music by Luisana Pérez.

The PSUV goes to primary elections on August 8 of this year, Alberto Cova gives us his analysis. Venezuelan cocuy for the world, Evelyn Bastidas tells us about this tour. Luisana Pérez premieres her song “Boquita de Agave dulce”.

July 2nd.

Cumbre del Alba in Venezuela. First batch of Cuban vaccines arrives. Carabobo, roads of Libertad. Music by Daisy Gutiérrez

The XIX Alba Summit was held in Venezuela. The first batch of the Cuban vaccine Abdala arrives in Venezuela. We spoke with the filmmaker Luis Alberto Lamata and with the president of the Villa del Cine about the Carabobo series, roads to Freedom. The singer Daisy Gutiérrez premieres her song “Valiente Negro”.

June 25th.

The United States softens sanctions against Venezuela. We continue analyzing The Battle of Carabobo. Atapaima music

The United States softens sanctions imposed against Venezuela to allow the purchase of vaccines. Alberto Cova analyzes this news. The Battle of Carabobo, bloody and decisive; this is how the historian Niyireé Baptista defines it. The musical group Atapaima premieres their single “La Arigua”.

June 18th.

They block payment of vaccines from Venezuela. Cuba develops 5 vaccines against Covid-19. Music from The Other Project ..

Venezuela denounces a blockade for the acquisition of vaccines through the Covax mechanism. Cuba surprises the world with the development of 5 vaccines against Covid-19. The musical group The Other Project premieres his song "El Takata".

June 11th.

Rescued soldiers kidnapped in Apure. PSUV announces primaries. 200 years Battle of Carabobo. Music by Amanda Querales.

Rescued Venezuelan soldiers kidnapped in Apure. The PSUV announces primary elections for next August. The Battle of Carabobo turns 200 years old. Amanda Querales presents her song “Como Flor de Araguaney”.

June 4th.

The way is opened for dialogue in Venezuela. Elections 2021. Music by Manuel Leandro

Willingness to dialogue between the Venezuelan government and opponents. Venezuela continues to advance toward the November 21 elections. The Cuban singer-songwriter Manuel Leandro premieres his song "Circumstantial Complacency".

may 28.

Ultimatum to the "interim government" of Juan Guaidó. Venezuelan migration. Music by Rafael Quintero.

The US government sets a deadline for Juan Guaidó's "interim government". What has happened to the so-called Venezuelan migration crisis? Rafael Quintero presents his theme, "Coral Reef".

may 21.

New announcements from the CNE. Social outbreak in Colombia. Music by Elena Gil.

The National Electoral Council announces mega-elections for this year. After two weeks of protests, repression and deaths in Colombia, factors try to signal Venezuela to infiltrate violence. Elena Gil and "Spikes of freedom".

may 14.

Venezuela opens the National Electoral Council. #I believe you. Music by José Alejandro Delgado

New CNE sworn in in Venezuela. Social networks are shaken with complaints about sexual harassment. José Alejandro Delgado premieres “Your name on my walls”.

7 for May.

Fighting intensifies in Apure. The Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc. Ernesto Luis and "From day to dawn".

The Venezuelan Armed Forces increase operations in Apure due to the intensification of the fighting. The number of infections by Covid-19 continues to increase, what to do? Ernesto Luis presents his most recent song, “From the day to the dawn”.

30 April.

XXVII Ibero-American Summit. The battle for vaccines continues. Amaranta Pérez and “My girl from the savannah”. ".

Venezuela participated in the XXVII Ibero-American Summit. The battle for vaccines continues, we spoke with Professor Pascualina Curcio about their unfair distribution. We premiered the song “My girl from the savannah” by Amaranta Pérez.

23 April.

Venezuela activates the Covax mechanism. The Últimas Noticias of love with Jéssica Dos Santos. Ash Andrea with "Clarity".

Activated the Covax mechanism for the acquisition of vaccines in Venezuela. We talked to Jessica Dos Santos about her love stories. Ash Andrea brings us his song “Claridad”.

16 April.

Oscar D´León celebrates 49 years singing. Increase in Covid-19 cases. My land.

Oscar D´León turns 49 making the world dance. Increase in Covid-19 cases in Venezuela. Confrontation in Apure continues to talk.

9 April.

Easter in a pandemic. 100% San Agustín Foundation. Zangueo de San Agustín.

Holy Week passes in a radical quarantine in Venezuela. 100% San Agustín tells us about the success of the collective work in the neighborhood. Musicians of San Agustín and his zangueo.

2 April.

Venezuela refuses to impose vaccines. Women in action. Andrea Paola Marquez.

Venezuela sets position in relation to the distribution of the Astrazeneca vaccine. Women in action against Covid-19. Andrea Paola Márquez and her «Honey and Rosemary»

26 March.

The Brazilian variant arrives in Venezuela. Scholarships to Stimulate Literary Creation. Alfredo Naranjo.

Confirmed the presence of the Brazilian variant in Venezuela. The National Book Center opens a contest to stimulate writing. Alfredo Naranjo and “When I have time”.

19 March.

One year in a pandemic. 200 years Battle of Carabobo, sovereigns for what? Attend, understand, understand.

Analysis of the situation in Venezuela one year after the pandemic. 200 years of the Battle of Carabobo, sovereigns for what? José Francisco Delgado and his most recent song "Attend, understand, understand."

12 March.

Good parents, lousy teachers? 500 thousand doses of vaccines arrive. Enrique Rojas and The afternoon brought.

In this episode we will talk about homeschooling, a challenge for parents and teachers; the arrival of 500 thousand doses of vaccines against Covid-19 to Venezuela; Enrique Rojas and «The afternoon brought».

5 March.

Venezuela responds. Decriminalization of abortion. Mandrake.

Venezuela's strong response to interference from the European Union and Colombia. Debate opens on the decriminalization of abortion. Kreils García and his Mándragora

26 February.

Covid-19 immunization. Carnivals in pandemic. Guacamayas City.

Immunization against Covid 19 begins in the middle of a battle for vaccines. We celebrate our carnivals in pandemic. City of Guacamayas, a song for Caracas.

19 February.

New year's eve special to the rhythm of a bolero

In this episode we talk with the Venezuelan bolero specialist Ángel González about this important Latin American musical genre, taking a tour of its most prominent exponents. To close an intense year, marked by the pandemic and its material and sentimental impact on everyone, what better than a bolero party that, as our guest says, is "the rhythmic manifestation of all feelings."

18 of December.

Interview with the elected deputy Oriana Osío. Analysis of the parliamentarians. Gasoline and its Venezuelan blues

In this episode we talk with the deputy elected by Valles del Tuy from Miranda state, Oriana Osío "La hija del Tuy": her beginnings and the objectives that she leads to the National Assembly; We spoke with journalists Alberto Cova, Clodovaldo Hernández and Ángel González about the most important of the week: the parliamentary elections of December 6 and the perspectives that open with this electoral day in the political life of the country; We share the experience of Agustín Otxotorena, an international observer for the Basque country in this election; We remember Gasolina, who left on December 8, with the song that made him popular on the streets of Caracas.

11 of December.

Parliamentary elections in Venezuela. December relaxation. "Obviously", the new from Servando Primera

In this episode of December 4, we analyze the news panorama of the week, together with the journalist Ángel González; We talked about the electoral day in Venezuela this December 6, with the correspondent Florencia Lagos Neuman and the Venezuelan journalist Andrea Hermoso. We are also sharing with you the new single by the singer and composer Servando Primera, «Obviously».

4 of December.

Electoral Drill of Nov. 15 Rains in Táchira. Political situation in the USA. Resumption of democracy in Bolivia. Jerusalema with the Venezuelan Micro TDH.

In this episode we make contact with our correspondent in the state of Táchira, Eliana Useche, to learn about the situation in the state, after the heavy rains that affected the state this week; we spoke with journalist Ángel González about the Electoral Simulation of # 15Nov and the political situation in the United States after the presidential election in this country; We spoke with journalist Gustavo Gandarillas, from Bolivia, about the resumption of democracy in this country with the inauguration of President Luis Arce; as well as the return to his country of the indigenous leader Evo Morales; We share the song "Jerusalema", remix version with the Venezuelan rapper Micro TDH and the Colombian Greeicy.

15 of November.

Special episode of the podcast of Últimas Noticias: interview with Diosdado Cabello

In this special episode, journalist Eligio Rojas talks with Diosdado Cabello, President of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), and candidate for deputy to the National Assembly in the elections of this next 6 of December.

10 of November.

Special episode of the podcast of Últimas Noticias: interview with Cilia Flores

In this special episode, journalist Eligio Rojas talks with Cilia Flores, First Combatant, lawyer, leader of the PSUV and candidate for deputy to the National Assembly in the 6D elections.

4 of November.

Escape of Leopoldo López to Spain. US elections. Colombian artists and "Guardia Fuerza"

In this episode we analyze the most important news of the week with Alberto Cova, Content Director of Últimas Noticias. We also analyzed with the international analyst Arantza Tirado, from Spain, her perspective of the meeting of the President of the Spanish Government with the fugitive from the Venezuelan justice Leopoldo López. We also spoke with international analyst Laila Tajeldine about the context in which the US elections take place on November 3 and the possible scenarios that are presented with the results of these presidential elections. We share with you, in the musical segment, the song "Guardia Fuerza" by the Parranderos del Cauca, along with important exponents of Colombian music.

30 October.

Relaxation of quarantine in Venezuela. MAS victory in Bolivia. Plebiscite in Chile. The new from Ana Tijoux

In this episode we talk about the first week of easing in Venezuela, through the 7 plus 7 plus method. We also talked about the triumph of the MAS in Bolivia and the scenarios that open with this electoral result. We analyze the political landscape in Chile on the first year of the popular rebellion and a few days after the plebiscite for the new constitution. We also share the news of the singer Ana Tijoux.

23 October.

Announcements for the holiday economy. Cryptoeconomics in Venezuela. The Maelström by Fito Páez

We spoke with the Chief Content Officer at Últimas Noticias, Alberto Cova, on the information that marked this week: economic announcements made by President Maduro for Christmas and flattening of the contagion curve for Covid-19 in the country We talked about cryptoeconomics in Venezuela with José Ángel Álvarez, president of Asonacrip ; with Mauricio Ruiz, connoisseur of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology; as well as with Juan Blanco, CEO of BitData consultants, to learn about different aspects of the topic of cryptocurrencies. We also share the latest from the Argentine singer-songwriter Fito Páez, “Maelström”.

16 October.

Anti-blockade Law approved. Treatment of Human Rights in Venezuela. Vote of Argentina in the UN. "Ensombrar" by the singer-songwriter José Delgado and the Caracas Synchronic group

We spoke with the Chief Content Officer at Últimas Noticias, Alberto Cova, on the information that marked this week: the approval of the Anti-Blockade Law for National Development and the Guarantee of Human Rights, as well as the resolutions on Venezuela approved at the UN Human Rights Council this week. We interviewed Lucrecia Hernández, lawyer, activist and director of Sures, about human rights in the country and the treatment that Venezuela is given in this matter. We consulted the journalist and political analyst Bruno Sgarzini for his analysis of Argentina's vote against Venezuela at the UN and the controversy that this generated in both countries. We share with you the news of the Venezuelan singer-songwriter José Delgado and the musical ensemble Caracas Sincrónica. “Ensombrar”, a work by the creative laboratory Ciudad Canción.

9 October.

Anti-Blockade Law. Real effects of sanctions on Venezuela. Venezuelan Latin Jazz with “A Trío” ..

In this new episode of the Podcast of Últimas Noticias We bring you the most important news of the week with Alberto Cova, Content Director: presentation of the Anti-Blockade Law before the ANC, meeting between Maduro and Bachelet, as well as the protests in Yaracuy. We also spoke with the Deputy Minister of Anti-Blockade Policies, William Castillo, about the Anti-Blockade Law and the impact of the sanctions; We bring you the economic vision of the blockade with the economist Pablo Giménez; and the political perspective with the sociologist Ángel González. We also share the single “Imaginación y resguardo” with Venezuelan musicians Alfredo Naranjo, Robert Vilera and José “Mortadelo” Soto.

2 October 2020

Maduro at the UN. Challenges of distance education. "The ugly arts" by Sandino Primera.

This is the first episode of the Podcast of Últimas Noticias. We bring you the informative panorama of the week with the director of Content of the newspaper analyzing the speech of President Maduro at the UN. We talked about the start of the new school year at a distance with a mother, a psychopedagogue and a microbiologist to learn about the experience and the implications of this measure taken in a pandemic for the protection of the population. We also share with you what is new about Sandino Primera, who tells us what this musical artistic project is about.

25 September 2020

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