Pet Stories

Princess for a few days, Prince forever

We adopted a cat, which ended up being a cat, but we still fell in love with it

A woman filed for divorce from her husband for giving away her cat

Upon returning from a trip, the young woman did not find the cat, the man took him to an animal shelter

"How to tame a human": the ironic story of a vicious cat

The story says that cats are beautiful and loving, although those who do not know them do not know.

Ipa got burned with hot water

It does not grow hair on its back after burning. You have to set limits for cats

The oldest dog in the world celebrated his 31st birthday

Born in 1992, the dog enjoyed a party with more than 100 guests who came from all over the world.

Tata is like María from the neighborhood, but she gave us joy back

Destroys toys and eats cat food, but melts our hearts

Adoption Billboard

Meet this week's rescued animals looking for a loving and trustworthy home

Lucas, the adopted cat who conquered hearts and challenged stereotypes

They were going for a puppy and at 9 years old Lucas conquered them

The love story that began with a simple "meow"

Butter would not have survived on his own, abandoned on the mountain.

Rocky, the faithful 18-year-old companion who will never be forgotten

Rocky throughout his life enjoyed good health thanks to being neutered in time