Animal world

This is how loud music and noise affect fish, according to science

Fish have an inner ear adapted to hear sound vibrations.

How to make your cat happy: A book that translates cat language

Written by the veterinarian and expert in cat behavior, Pilar Guerrero

An encounter with an electrocuted sloth leads to the creation of the Chuwie Foundation

Chuwie Foundation: The Sloth Rescue and Rehabilitation Center That Saves Lives

6 curiosities about pelicans

These huge birds with their characteristic beaks are very experienced fishermen.

Four adult sloths and one baby returned home

Three male sloths and one female with her young were released near the La Mariposa reservoir.

Gunther, the millionaire dog, has his documentary on Netflix

The millionaire dog is of the German Shepherd breed

They promote animal-assisted therapies in Anzoátegui

#Anzoátegui The program reaches schools and centers for the elderly

In the tragedy in Turkey, the rescue of animals was also activated

Animals of any species were also a priority for rescue groups

The Australian marsupial is capable of dying to reproduce

During mating males only rest 8% compared to 24% of females

How to protect our animals without losing your mind?

Being protectionist is exposing yourself daily to stressful situations, frustration and sadness