Commission installed to transfer historical memory of Miguel de Buría

#Yaracuy The commission will collect the necessary material on the life and work of Miguel de Buría

Bricomil will prioritize reports of the 1×10 Good Government in Yaracuy

#Yaracuy Bricomil will attend cases of the 726 educational establishments that work in the 14 municipalities

There are more than 50 infrastructure brigades in Yaracuy

#Yaracuy They will address school maintenance and infrastructure problems to provide coordinated solutions between government and community

Housing Mission delivered 34 new houses in Yaracuy

#Yaracuy They join the 70 thousand houses that have been delivered in the 14 municipalities of the entity since February 2011

Yaracuy: Recycling plan will start in a pilot community

#Yaracuy They installed a Recycling and Cleaning Technical Table to promote new models of waste management

Inauguration of the second Pharmacy of the Homeland in Yaracuy

#Yaracuy The pharmacy has more than 250 types of medicines for various pathologies

Full in Yaracuy by the super gang Guaco

#Yaracuy Mayor's Office of Independence offered the third concert of the "Concert in the Shell" series.

More than 300 entrepreneurs from Yaracuy present their projects

#Yaracuy More than 2.000 entrepreneurs have already registered in textile, agricultural areas, among others

Quadrants of Peace are promoted again in Yaracuy

#Yaracuy Neighbors will be further integrated into security and citizen protection in prioritized sectors

1×10 system reinforces health days in Yaracuy

#Yaracuy In the La Conquista sector, the mobile clinics provided medical care to more than 100 people and the delivery of medicines for their treatment