Plan República deploys more than 10 thousand officials in Yaracuy

#Yaracuy They will protect the 514 voting centers distributed in the 14 municipalities of the entity

Street governments complete the fourth cycle in Yaracuy with 2.938 projects

They prioritized the rehabilitation and provision of educational centers in the 14 municipalities of #Yaracuy

They incorporate 35 vehicle units in Yaracuy after VenApp requests

#Yaracuy The vehicles and trucks were completely repowered and delivered to different institutions

Rescue of emblematic San Felipe field begins

#Yaracuy The adjacent communities requested the work from the Good Government 1X10 system and received a timely response

Drilling of a water well will benefit more than 4.500 people in Yaracuy

#Yaracuy The work was requested by two communities to the 1X10 Good Government system through the VenApp application

Street governments redouble their days in Yaracuy

#Yaracuy The purpose is to reach a greater number of communities and add more and more projects

They carry out rehabilitation of hospital infrastructure in Yaracuy

They invest $1.12 million in hospital infrastructure in #Yaracuy

Community social care days are reinforced in Yaracuy

#Yaracuy Increase health care and services in the communities

Street governments begin the fourth cycle of conferences in Yaracuy

#Yaracuy Since the plan began, in January of this year, 2.203 community projects have been approved

They propose three tourist development zones in Yaracuy

#Yaracuy They will promote tourist routes and attention in various areas in three specific corridors in 8 municipalities of the entity