G7 agrees to compete with China's Belt and Road

The US and Europe will seek to raise $ 600.000 million in an effort to measure themselves with China

Pope Francis expresses concern over violence in Ecuador

This Sunday the AN of Ecuador, resumed the session where the dismissal of Guillermo Lasso is discussed

Parliament will resume session on impeachment of the president of Ecuador

Legislators will have 72 hours to vote on whether or not the measure against Guillermo Lasso proceeds

Response plan announced for earthquake victims in Afghanistan

Different organizations will promote the expansion of the delivery of humanitarian assistance

Biden: G7 to announce ban on Russian gold imports

Most European refiners gave up new gold from Russia for its special operation in Ukraine

WHO: monkeypox is not an international health emergency

Scientists point out that the progression of the disease, which already has 3.040 cases, should be monitored

Lasso repeals the state of emergency due to protests in Ecuador

After a rapprochement between Conaie and the government, it was proposed to create a technical table to initiate dialogue

UN reiterates prioritizing security of migrants after massacre in Melilla

Urges to apply the principle of shared responsibility as a way for a safe migration

Thousands of people protest in Madrid against the NATO summit

The counter-summit rejects the intervention of the Alliance throughout the world for violating the UN Charter

Petro on Melilla: humanity must unite against barbarism

He pointed out that famine and exodus can be avoided through changes in the way of producing