First protester killed by repression in Lima confirmed

Police repression in Peru already leaves a balance of 65 people dead

Israel will deploy 2 infantry companies in Jerusalem and the West Bank

Violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict escalated this week with 10 Palestinians killed

Pope Francis regrets escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine

Pope Francis urged the international community to seek a solution to the conflict

Palestinian youth killed by Israeli gunfire in West Bank

There are already 10 deaths from Thursday's attack, considered the deadliest in years

Four mass shootings in just one week in California

In January alone, the United States suffered 43 mass shootings.

Colombia announces reparations to victims of repression of the national strike

The decision derives from the recommendations made by human rights organizations

Peruvian Congress refuses to advance the elections to 2023

The proposal was rejected with 65 votes against, 45 votes in favor and 2 abstentions.

Thousands of Americans protest death of African-American

They demand justice for the crime and an end to police brutality

Boluarte expects a minimum of 20 years in prison

You will have to answer for the more than 60 deaths that the protests have left

Petro brings social reforms to Congress

Seeks to guarantee the rights of Colombians via Magna Carta