Palestine condemns attack in the West Bank with a balance of nine dead

This would be the deadliest Israeli military raid in the West Bank in years.

Russia warns that the US and NATO seek to perpetuate the conflict in kyiv

Russia warned that the shipment of arms to kyiv is perceived as a direct involvement in the conflict

IAEA warns of explosions near Zaporozhie nuclear power plant

Since last February the nuclear power plant has been the target of attack by Ukrainian forces

Petrobras approves appointment by Lula for company president

Senator Jean Paul Prate must wait for the approval of the company's shareholders' meeting

The UN reiterates its concern over the escalation of violence in Peru

The Organization convened a major national dialogue to address the political and social situation

Russia opposes forgetting Nazi crimes

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is commemorated every January 27.

In Peru they present a vacancy motion against President Dina Boluarte

While they present the motion for the moral incapacity of Boluarte, the repression of the protests continues

López Obrador urges an end to US interference in Peru

The Mexican president spoke in favor of releasing Pedro Castillo

Italy: Europe has no real foreign policy, it is behind the US

He assures that in Europe strong leaders are needed, like Merkel, to make it move forward

Although he sends 88 tanks to Ukraine, Scholz "wants" to avoid confrontation

Germany will give Ukraine sophisticated weapons against Russia and says it wants to avoid war