Stop hair loss

Younger and younger men and women note with regret that their hair begins to fall out

Advantages of walking with your dog

In addition to exercising, this activity confers emotional health.

Zodiac wheel for September, month of the Rooster

The natives of the Rooster sign are very creative. Children and leaders forever

to the super sensibly

Make a list of what you need for the week, paying attention to groceries, which represent the largest part of the expense

Long live the faucets

There are methods to prolong the life of your faucets

Photos activate good energy

A bank of happiness, with positive memories to turn to in times of need

You are tired?

Excessive work and daily stress lead to "exhausted woman syndrome"

Take out your fan

When the temperature rises, cooling down by doing a bit of air is as old as the human being

Harmony of color in spaces

Applying the harmony of color in the spaces, it is possible to balance, control or exalt the energy

3000 steps to wellness

The walks are an accessible activity for people of any age and do not require an economic outlay