The latest love news

The love of my life, the definitive, the last

He had a "virtual love" outside the country, who sent him money for his "hot" conversations.

My little piece of heaven

Daniel believes that the soul of the children chooses the parents before coming to earth and taking a physical form.

Loving you is not liking you 100%

We should eat better or exercise more because we love our bodies and not because we hate them.

stuck in the friendzone

An interpersonal relationship between two people, where one tends to fall in love and the other does not, is known as a 'friend zone'.

A shower of hormones

Loving generates oxytocin and it gives us the ability to feel love. It is the vicious circle of affection.

He married his stepdaughter

They left together and a few months later, they got married. Feliciano had married the young woman he had “adopted” years before.

Do we change for love? Did it happen to Anuel with Karol G?

We usually say that "no one changes for anyone", but, if we check ourselves, maybe yes.

The healthy versus the bad guy

Studies show that women prefer bad men, but marry good men

A friendly hand

Gabriel García Márquez was right: offering friendship to someone who asks for love is like offering bread to someone who is dying of thirst.

"Coming out" at a bachelor party

Eleven countries still punish same-sex relationships with death. In one in three they are illegal.