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The latest love news

a loving memory

Paulina and Augusto documented their journey in a camera that director Maite Alberdi left at her house.

“I allowed all that”

Why do we find ourselves involved in certain stories and repeatedly?

Triggers for goodbye

And what triggering moments led you to end a love affair?

love and family secrets

Psychoanalysis states that all repression is unsuccessful. Family secrets are a form of collective repression.

A love of film and orchestra

It was during the recording of 'El Libertador' that María Valverde and Gustavo Dudamel met.

celebrities end too

For a few weeks, the love separations of some celebrities have become a trend: why?

Pear trees and masculinity

Perales shares the so-called "pre and post Franco masculinity."

The networks lack love

In real life will they be like in the networks? Will they live with that pile of repressed emotions?

I only think of you

Have you ever heard the song 'I only think of you' by the Spanish Víctor Manuel?

My cat Totoro

Pets can be a stick to reconnect with the world, to find forgotten emotions.