In Táchira activities are suspended before the arrival of the cyclone

#Táchira During Wednesday and Thursday the institutions of interest will remain active in Táchira

Heavy rains caused total closure of trunk 5 in Táchira

#Táchira The rains caused rocky material to slide, causing the closure of trunk 5

They will recover the route to Santo Cristo de La Grita

#Táchira Road rehabilitation is carried out for the celebration of the 412 years of Santo Cristo

They supervise road works in Táchira

#Táchira Actions addresses 39 failures from the San Josecito sector to San Rafael del Piñal

Created Superintendency of Tax Administration in Táchira

#Táchira With the new Superintendence, collection will be increased and managers will be avoided

In Táchira, two minors die when they are dragged by the Escalante River

#Táchira Civil Protection officials from Táchira and Mérida had activated the search for the children

25 families affected by collector collapse in Táchira

#Táchira The rains in the San Juan Bautista parish caused the collapse of the mixed water collector of the Barrio Unión sector

Road recovery work begins in Táchira

#Táchira The recovery of the roads in border municipalities has a cost of 600 thousand dollars and is estimated to culminate in a total of 90 days

Control operation begins in businesses in San Cristóbal

#Táchira They carry out an operation in businesses to check payment compliance, advise and improve collection

Bernal: Rains affected 16 of the 29 municipalities of the Táchira state

62 houses have suffered damage: twelve houses were affected to the point of collapse and more than fifty lost their belongings