Táchira: Victims, damage to homes and roads blocked by rain

#Táchira Civil Protection identified in this rainy season 707 risk areas that are monitored

Andean States activate Joint Task Force in light of the rains

#PulsoRegional Andean entities apply prevention measures during the rainy season

Six homes with damage after 72 hours of rain in Táchira

#Táchira They maintain supervision in rivers and estimate that the rainfall will continue for another 48 hours

Three suspected terrorists neutralized on the Táchira border

#Táchira Security devices were activated in three municipalities on the entity's border

Three paramilitaries killed in Táchira 

Those killed are members of the paramilitary group called La Línea

They intensify security in the Colombian-Venezuelan border axis

#Táchira A thousand 350 security officials join the protection of the border in the municipalities of Bolívar, Pedro María Ureña and García de Hevia

Grenade attack leaves 8 injured in the border municipality of Táchira

#Táchira A security operation was deployed in the Pedro María Ureña municipality to capture the paramilitary group

Alert in the north of Táchira due to continuous rains

#Táchira They maintain regular inspections activated given the saturation of the soils

Minister Bautista visited prisoners in Táchira

He gave them uniforms and inspected the spaces of the prison complex

More than 200 families about to be evacuated due to rains in Táchira

#Táchira PC remains on alert due to the continuity of the rains in the six affected municipalities