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Dgcim monitors alleged Hugbel Roa mining farm

Inside Roa's residence, there is a space for a cryptocurrency mining farm, according to neighbors

Cabello on the fight against corruption: "Whoever falls, we are going to face them"

He revealed that the detainees have been declaring to continue with new investigations.

Comptroller supports State actions against corruption

The Comptroller General of the Republic provided full logistical support to fight corruption.

Anti-Corruption Police Arrested Deputy Hugbel Roa

He is being investigated for acts of corruption that occurred in Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA)

Terán Martínez: Sunacrip acted as a Trojan horse

The oil expert pointed out that the US has its operators within the country for the execution of the blockade

Three detained by the National Anti-Corruption Police

One of the investigations originated after the release of El Pelón Cheremos

President Maduro removed the head of Sunacrip

Appointed a restructuring board for Sunacrip chaired by Anabel Pereira Fernández

People accompanies the transfer of the Cadet Saber to the Mountain Barracks

People from all over the country traveled to Caracas to honor Commander Chávez 10 years after his sowing in the 4F

Web portal of the Comandante Eterno Hugo Chávez Foundation is presented

In the portal you can find photographs and documents of the Commander

Agreement approved in commemoration of the planting of Hugo Chávez

Congresswoman Noelí Pocaterra highlighted Chávez as a defender of indigenous peoples