Russian army isolates 2.000 Ukrainian soldiers

Among them are 120 Nazis and up to 80 foreign mercenaries.

Moscow accuses the US of allowing Americans to be sent to Ukraine

He points out that the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington recruits gringos to fight on Ukrainian territory

European countries turn to coal in the face of energy crisis

Germany, Austria, Poland and Greece reopened coal-fired power plants

Russian attack eliminates 500 Ukrainian soldiers

Faced with their possible defeat, the Ukrainian command evacuated 30 wounded and 8 dead mercenaries at night

BRICS will create international reserve currency 

Russian President Vladimir Putin assured that the Russian strategy will not change

Drones attack refinery in southern Russia

An explosion and a fire provoked the attack on the only oil distillery in the region

Russia has received almost two million refugees from Ukraine and Donbas

Among them, more than 307 thousand minors, have arrived through border crossings to Russian territory

Europe resorts to winter reserve due to lack of gas supply

As of Tuesday, gas reserve deposits were at 52% of their capacity

Ukraine bombs downtown Donetsk again

In April this year, attacks in Ukraine left 6.000 citizens, four schools and a hospital in Donetsk without electricity.

Putin: The era of the unipolar world order is over

He assured that Russia is capable of significantly increasing exports of food and fertilizers