They design a test to find defects in embryos before implanting them

The study is applied during "in vitro" fertilization to choose an embryo without diseases

Venezuela present at the I Meeting of Latin American Space Agencies

The activity will take place in Rome, Italy until June 24

290-million-year-old forest discovered in Brazil

Geologists went to the site to study the exposed rocks and came across a fossilized forest

Russian telescope manages to scan more than a quarter of the galaxy

Thanks to the latest data, scientists are recording new sources of hard X-ray radiation.

The United States approves the first pill to combat alopecia

40% of the group taking the highest dose regained 80% of their lost hair and noted significant growth in eyebrows and eyelashes

The “strawberry” supermoon will appear on June 14

The moon will appear 7% larger and 15% brighter than normal because it will be closest to Earth's orbit.

Argentine scientists achieve therapy to treat spinal muscular atrophy

Results of treatment with the drug "nusinersen" could be optimized if combined with the administration of valproic acid

They managed to create "human skin" that regenerated to cover a robot

The material, with which they have coated a robot's finger, is water-repellent and self-healing.

Superworms could be the key to recycling plastic

Scientists proved that these insects can survive on a unique Styrofoam diet and even gain a small amount of weight.

Egypt discovers 98-million-year-old dinosaur fossil

The discovered fossil is similar to the famous Tyrannosaurus rex