Electron microscopy advances in Venezuela

The idea is to install this equipment in universities and reopen postgraduate programs

Electronic microscopes represent an increase in national production

These instruments will be distributed in universities in the country

Girls and boys learn with the program “Exploring the skies of Caracas”

The little ones attended the Humboldt Planetarium to acquire basic knowledge about planets, constellations and more

Jiménez: Venezuela is a country free of avian influenza

Venezuelan scientists carry out monitoring work to prevent the spread of viruses and monitor changes in the genetic code of their variants

Lunar station, base for human expansion

The ILRS will have a structure on the lunar surface and another that will be orbiting

Russian cancer vaccine works successfully in mice

It is a therapeutic vaccine that will be administered to cancer patients, reported the Russian Gamaleya center, which developed the Sputnik V vaccine.

The Regional Creative Robotics Olympics were held in Aragua

#Aragua 120 scientific and technological projects were presented at the Olympics

Scientists make great discovery in ferns

They have a genome of record size 160 billion base pairs of DNA, which when unfolded can measure nearly 100 meters.

Venezuela presents its contributions for a better world at UNESCO

Venezuelan delegation will debate in a discussion the importance of women's participation in science

New drug combinations reduce the toxicity of cancer treatments

Not only does it improve the quality of life of patients, which of course, it also optimizes the administration of drugs.