They investigate obtaining pectin from the peel of the passion fruit

Pectin is found naturally in fruits and is very relevant in the industry, both at a food and pharmaceutical level.

They improve goat productivity with biotechnology

In Venezuela, artificial insemination was carried out for the first time with goat semen from the Netherlands

Venezuela promotes technological and scientific alliances with China

Venezuela and China currently have numerous agreements on technology, science, economy, production, agriculture, education and training, lakes, among others.

Scientists expect rare explosion in space before September 2024

The phenomenon could be observed from Earth even with the naked eye and would help obtain new data about the processes occurring in the universe.

Call opens for Young Astronomers Training Program

The call for this distance program is extended to young people from the Educational System throughout the country between 15 and 17 years of age.

A blood test and the use of AI could predict Parkinson's

Blood test could predict Parkinson's seven years before symptoms

Students from Merida develop a prototype for seed detection

The prototype aims to become an automated system that goes hand in hand with agricultural technology

Gabriela Jiménez: More than 30 thousand children have been trained in robotics

Venezuela prepares a "power delegation" to participate in the robotics Olympics to be held in September in Türkiye

In La Guaira they stimulate scientific interest in girls and boys

New space offers training cycle in robotics, biology, electronics and more

A personalized vaccine fights skin cancer

With artificial intelligence it gives instructions to the patient's immune system