Pure chocolate

The Piaroas also know how to grow good cocoa

This fruit harvested on the banks of the Orinoco, in the Venezuelan Amazon, is famous for its fine flavor, aroma and organic production.

They capture suspected chocolate shop thieves Mis Poemas

The CICPC reported the arrest of four men for the robbery of this small artisanal chocolate factory located in Barlovento

What does Chuao cocoa taste like?

The only one with denomination of origin, this cocoa from Chuao is among one of the most valued in the world for its fruity flavors.

The white that makes your mouth water: with sarapia and cloves

This combination from the Petra chocolate shop won the best bar with natural flavors in the 2022 National Chocolate Contest

Chocolatiers seek cocoa with history and free of slavery

For the most famous chocolate houses in the world, this product must have traceability and result in the quality of life of its population

In Venezuela, the 100% cocoa chocolate bar is also made

Artisanal chocolatiers have decided to alter the original recipe of the chocolate bar to reach the purest flavor of cocoa, 100%

In the west of the country there are more than nine varieties of Venezuelan

This type of cocoa is recognized by the elongated shape of its pod, its pronounced apex and the white or speckled white color of its almonds.

Expoferia Cacao and Ron Miranda ends this Sunday

From 10 in the morning to 10 at night, free admission and with an agenda dedicated to the family

El Guapo knows that Barlovento is more than beach and fishing, it is cocoa

La Ribereña, a cocoa farm in the Barlovento region, opened its doors to the public to learn how cocoa is produced

Get to know the program of the Expoferia Cacao and Ron Miranda

Symposiums on cocoa, conferences on rum, chocolate and rum tastings, live chocolate preparations are part of the activity