Puro Chocolate

Today is International Chocolate Cake Day!

This unofficial party is celebrated on January 27 to know how long it has been with us. In our country it dates from the middle of the XNUMXth century.

In the UK they make chocolate bars without cocoa or milk

According to the authoring company, these bars made without cocoa look, smell, taste and melt just like the original chocolate

These are the five best chocolates in Venezuela in 2022

This list, prepared by Puro Chocolate, contains the dark, milk and white bars that have won national and international awards this year.

The most famous mousses in Paris have Venezuelan cocoa

The French chocolate house Chapon makes two chocolate mousses with a flavor of our country: Chuao and Venezuela

The best dark chocolate in the world is in Thailand

The Chantaburi 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar, from the Thai brand Paradai, swept the International Chocolate Awards 2022

Chocolate shop honors La Chinita with a creamy bonbon

CacaoLab joined the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the coronation of this revered Zulian virgin with an allegorical design on her golden crown

European chocolatiers exhibit their Advent calendars

In Caracas, two chocolate houses also joined this Christmas tradition with two original Advent calendars.

Mucilage ice cream, do you know what part of the cocoa it is?

The mucilages of criollo cocoas have an aroma and flavor of sweet flowers, while those of Trinidad are close to that of soursop.

In Moscow they did a tasting with Carabobo chocolate

Dozens of Russians savored at the I Venezuelan Cocoa and Chocolate Festival in Russia the bars of four Carabobo chocolate houses

Darïku joins the pink month with a special tablet

To join the breast cancer awareness month, this brand created a bar with ingredients that paint it pink.