Petro on Melilla: humanity must unite against barbarism

He pointed out that famine and exodus can be avoided through changes in the way of producing

Formation of the Bricomiles begins in schools in the country

#PulsoRegional The objective is to respond quickly to the requirements of educational centers

JPSUV will extend identification days

Aiming to reach 9 million members

AN appoints commission to investigate use of funds released by the US to Guaidó

They request that the AN commission investigate the management of deputies Henry Ramos Allup, Omar Barboza and Julio Borges

Prosecutor's Office issued 8 arrest warrants for embezzlement to the BCV

This criminal investigation began on December 10, 2019

To date, there are no cases of Coronavirus in the country

The probability of introduction into our country is considered low but cannot be excluded

Maduro: We must reformat the agreements between Cuba and Venezuela

During the XX Meeting of the Commission, more agreements were signed between both nations

1.400 projects were signed between Venezuela and Cuba

In health, education, sports and culture

Venezuela and China strengthen diplomatic and commercial relations

Delcy Rodríguez participated in the reception of the Spring Festival 2020

Cabello: Chávez was a great teacher for the love of the people

He stressed that the country has more than 70.000 teachers