Metaculus, the platform for professional forecasters that also gives Maduro a winner

The candidate for re-election has a 90 percent chance of winning this Sunday according to specialists.

The economic blockade stole nearly $ 40.000 billion in assets

Maduro announced that during 2019 50 espionage actions were neutralized

Executive gave Bs 8,1 billion through the Carnet de la Patria

More than 17 million people who are registered in the program have benefited

6.200.000 families received 120 million CLAP boxes in 2019

The goal for 2020 is for the boxes to be 100% nationally produced

PSUV has visited 10 million Venezuelans for parliamentarians

The conferences have been held through the Network of Articulation and Sociopolitical Action (RAAS)

18 people implicated in attack on military installations

Saab called on the international community to stop meddling in Venezuela

José Gregrorio Hernández is credited with saving Yaxury Solórzano

A miracle in Apure drives his next beatification

Arreaza denounces new US interventionist maneuver in parliamentary elections

The chancellor showed a document from the US Government that shows the economic pressure

Maduro: Venezuela has a respectable military power

The enemy who wants to attack her risks losing her teeth in the process

PSUV has consolidated 14.381 UBCH throughout the national territory

On January 10 there will be a political activity in Caracas, Miranda and La Guaira