Venezuela already has its own Figital Sports Federation

The Venezuelan Federation of Figital Sports will seek to consolidate the country in more than 20 hybrid disciplines in 2024

Josedeodo shines with Estral in the first weeks of the Clausura 2023

Josedeodo and Hans SamD's team raises its wings again in this Split after being eliminated in the Apertura by R7 in the semifinals

“TwinMission” is a Venezuelan Indie that brings a lot to the platform genre

We had the opportunity to speak with the developer in charge of "TwinMision", a nice but challenging Indie platformer in 2-D, which is currently under development, but promises to be one of the jewels of the Venezuelan Gaming market.

Preparing for the Venezuela Game Show with JavierELPAPEE

We spoke with Javier Colmenares, the most recognizable face of Movilnet-e and the Venezuela Game Show, the largest Gamer event created in the country...

Venezuela Game Show is just around the corner

Find out the details of the largest Gamer Expo in the country that will take place on March 24, 25 and 26 at La Terraza del CCCT. will be an official sponsor of Caracas Comic Con 2022

Here at we ​​are proud that in Venezuela, the country where this project was born, the movement of eSports, video games, anime and the...

Andrehs & Rage: The female presence in eSports in Latin America

eSports are mostly male-dominated both in terms of audience and players. Many might think that the female presence is in...