Review | Hauntii

A game created with extreme love thanks to its impressive visuals and a simple story that is affected by its playable loop

MultiVersus | First impressions

Player First Games' free brawler is about to become one of the most promising free games of the year

Review | X-Men 97

The children of the atom are back to save the MCU and in the process tell you one of the best stories in the superhero genre

Review | Crow Country

The perfect offer for survival horror fans who grew up playing franchises like Resident Evil and Silent Hill

Review | MadJack Mullet

A title that will surprise those who dare to try it thanks to its unique and chaotic style

Review | Sand Land

Its overwhelming simplicity hits the player hard, but despite this it continues to be a very beautiful and interesting game.

Review | Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

A game that meets certain proposals and that will satisfy RPG lovers despite its rough edges

No Rest for the Wicked | First impressions

This installment lays the foundation for what could be something truly innovative within the action RPG genre.

Review | Fallout Season 1

The post-apocalyptic series from Amazon and Bethesda set a very high bar for future video game adaptations

Review | Children of the Sun

René Rother and Devolver Digital manage to present a game with attitude and personality, something that is lacking these days