Godfather: Trump financed a war against Venezuela

Padrino asserted that Trump's plan aimed for the military to make a deal with the opposition

Maduro received the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Miraflores

The willingness to work jointly in favor of human rights was reiterated

They urge compliance with regulations of the Law on Workers with Disabilities

Jorge Rodríguez pointed out that the creation of the regulation is being coordinated with the Ministry of Labor

National Assembly receives visit from the UN Commissioner for Human Rights

Volker Türk also met with the Executive Vice President and the Chancellor of the Republic

Venezuela rejoins Parlatino after overcoming imperial aggressions

Its authorities were ratified and the first session of the year began

Venezuela celebrates independence from India and strengthens cooperation

Foreign Minister Yván Gil accompanied the country's 74th anniversary celebration

ALBA-TCP condemns murder of Palestinians by Israeli forces

The Alliance urges the international community to find a definitive solution to the conflict

AN to investigate conspiracy revealed by Mike Pompeo

They consider it a demonstration of Trump's intentions to intervene in Venezuela

Foreign Minister Gil held a meeting with the High Commissioner for Human Rights

During the meeting, the advances of the National Government regarding Human Rights were reviewed.

AN signed an agreement with UNERG for academic training of deputies

The agreement seeks to shape the new deputies of the AN