Two deputy penitentiary ministers appointed

The Minister of Penitentiary Service will be in charge of swearing in both officials

ALBA-TCP congratulated Cuba on election day on Sunday

The elections are "a clear message of the continuity of the Cuban Revolution," said ALBA-TCP

Comptroller and Foreign Ministry signed Cooperation Agreement

They gave a master class on foreign policy and constitutional supremacy

Juan Carlos Alvarado was launched by Copei for the 2024 presidential elections

Juan Carlos Alvarado skipped the primaries because he says he was excluded

Maduro: Relations between Venezuela and China are at their highest level

Greater China and the Bolivar Homeland have reached their best level of mutual trust, work and cooperation

MP will charge detainees in the next few hours for corruption plot

Roa dispatched from Petrocedeño's main office in Anzoátegui, Saab said.

Cabello: they used Sunacrip to embezzle the nation

PSUV will deploy throughout the country in search of proposals in the fight against corruption

Popular power in Barinas holds assemblies against corruption

#Barinas Minister Jorge Arreaza held a meeting with leaders of the La Carolina commune

Venezuela and the EU review cooperation agenda

In January Venezuela and the EU agreed to rebuild relations based on respect for the nation

Discuss law reform for people with disabilities in Guarenas

#Miranda Sectors of Guarenas participated in the debate for the partial reform of the Law in the entity