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2.180 combatants were deployed during exercise “Sovereignty 2023”

An amphibious operation was carried out to take over and consolidate a beachhead, to demonstrate the capacity and response in defense of the territory.

Padrino López: Venezuela will not retreat from betrayal

Padrino assured that the Fanb "will die with their rifles to free the country from mafias and criminal gangs"

CNE delivered a proposal for technical support to opposition primaries

Rector Elvis Amoroso indicated that the electoral body and the Primary Commission held a cordial meeting.

In Trujillo the educational sector marched in support of President Maduro

#Trujillo Avenue six of the Valera municipality was filled with red sympathizers

Members of Ceofanb are decorated for Operation Autana

President Maduro leads the anniversary ceremony of the 18 years of Ceofanb

Venezuela proposes sanctions-free zone at the UN

The idea is to shore up trade and productive investments without the threat of imperial persecution and punishment.

Mirandino people mobilize in defense of Essequibo

The people are also mobilizing in rejection of the sanctions against Venezuela by the US.

Foreign Minister held meeting with Lebanese ambassador

For his part, Ambassador Arturo Gil delivered Copies of Style to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France

Ambassador of Venezuela delivered credentials to the Kingdom of Bahrain

The Prime Minister and Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Salman bin Ahmad Al Khalifa received credentials from 18 ambassadors appointed to this country

Law for Attention to Deaf People is ready to be sanctioned

This legal instrument will reinforce the Organic Law for the Inclusion, Equality and Comprehensive Development of People with Disabilities.