Nueva Esparta

In La Asunción they prepare for the Greater Week

#NuevaEsparta On Saturday, March 25, cultural and religious activities begin

Fairs in honor of San José de Paraguachí begin in Nueva Esparta

#NuevaEsparta The festivities to honor San José include cultural activities

Telecommunications services are restored with the 1×10 in Nueva Esparta

#NuevaEsparta They recover the system of telephone lines and the Internet for 300 families in La Galera

Arismendi families were attended with the Sovereign Field Fair

#NuevaEsparta The population purchased basic food baskets at the fair at subsidized prices

Margariteños grow their own food

The production is distributed in schools and among the residents of the Paraguachí area.

Public consultation of the Nueva Esparta management plan is carried out

#NuevaEsparta They pursue the preservation of space and the sustainable use of resources

They delivered aid and materials in the García municipality with the 1×10

30 families received materials to rehabilitate roofs in different sectors of #NuevaEsparta

Traditional wristbands gathered in daisy

#NuevaEsparta Muñequeras will opt for the appointment of the Rag Dolls as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Restoration of the Castle of Santa Rosa advances 70%

#NuevaEsparta The Castle restoration project is supervised by the Institute of Cultural Heritage

Operation Wara manages to seize more than 6 tons of drugs

#NuevaEsparta More than 900 men and women are deployed in operation Wuara