Nueva Esparta

Margarita International Airport launches stairs module

#NuevaEsparta The work is the product of the response to the people that is given through the 1X10 System of Good Government

Neo-Spartans served with 1×10 health days

#NuevaEsparta At the Los Cocos CDI and at the Campomar Misiones Base, Mariño municipality, specialist doctors were deployed to care for the population

They grant licenses to tourism service providers in Nueva Esparta

#NuevaEsparta 158 service providers showed their satisfaction upon receiving the credentials to carry out their activities formally

High school graduates explored study opportunities in Nueva Esparta

#NuevaEsparta The young people showed great enthusiasm for the various options available on the island of Margarita

Women from Nueva Esparta support President Nicolás Maduro

#NuevaEsparta The revolutionary women highlighted the President's fortitude when facing the adversities caused by the international siege

PSUV youth in Nueva Esparta organized for mobilization on June 28

#NuevaEsparta National leaders of the JPSUV carried out a check of the electoral 1x10 of the young vote

More than 800 grandparents served with the “More years, more Love” Day

#NuevaEsparta In La Asunción, the older adults who participated in the event highlighted the good care received from the medical staff

Tajalí fishing season organized in three states

#PulsoRegional Fishermen from Sucre, Miranda and Nueva Esparta were oriented about the next opening of the tajalí season

Filven opened its doors in La Asunción

#NuevaEsparta In the Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi park the island public can enjoy a wide variety of literary and cultural activities

In Nueva Esparta, more than a thousand social aid has been delivered with the 1×10

#NuevaEsparta Minister Alí Padrón, godfather of the island entity, delivered orthopedic wheelchairs, canes, walkers, among other social aid