Nueva Esparta

Alert in Nueva Esparta before the passage of the cyclone

#NuevaEsparta They carry out cleaning, monitoring and risk management tasks in the face of the arrival of the cyclone

Venavega brought more than 4 thousand tons of food to Nueva Esparta

The mission is to guarantee food security to the Venezuelan people

Formation of the Bricomiles begins in schools in the country

#PulsoRegional The objective is to respond quickly to the requirements of educational centers

They celebrate 497 years of the foundation of San Juan in Margarita

#NuevaEsparta The Valley of San Juan is one of the oldest towns in the country

Arismendi communities offer proposals to face water problems

#NuevaEsparta Mayor's Office participates in the assemblies with inhabitants of the jurisdiction to bring solutions

They rehabilitated the agricultural road of El Coco in Antolín del Campo

#NuevaEsparta They conditioned two thousand five hundred meters of access road, which favors 387 families and more than 87 farmers

They rehabilitate sewage collectors in Marcano municipality

#NuevaEsparta Through the 1x10 of the Good Government, an immediate response was given to various sectors of the Marcano municipality

San Juan Bautista festivities begin in Margarita

#NuevaEsparta The fairs in honor of the Patron Saint of the municipality Diaz will feature weaving contests, a mass and Solemn Session, among other traditions

1×10 Command Post installed in Nueva Esparta

#NuevaEsparta The main complaints made by the people through the Command Post are in terms of Health and Public Services

Neo-Spartan people will be able to visit the School Ship

#NuevaEsparta Bus Margarita created the "Meet the School Ship" route, which leaves from Plaza Bolívar in Porlamar at 9:00 a.m.