More than 52 passengers mobilized the Maturín terminal at Christmas

#Monagas Maturín became the epicenter for the mobility of seasonal workers in the eastern part of the country

In the regions they celebrated the Mass of Sport

#PulsoRegional Authorities awarded recognition to the athletes, after the traditional mass

Suburban carriers will provide services in Maturín Terminal

#Monagas Transportistas will provide their services starting this Monday, January 9, 2023

They recover the coronary care room of the Central Hospital of Maturín

#Monagas Estimate to serve more than 1400 patients per day

The first Monaguense baby was born in the early morning of January 1

#Monagas The girl who is in good health measures 51 centimeters and her weight is 2.500 grams

Maturín Central Hospital closes with 5.222 operations

The patients treated in these surgeries were cared for through 26 medical specialties

Monagas Baile del Mono celebrated in style in Caicara de Maturín

#Monagas Awarded trajectory recognitions to autochthonous characters of the region

Each region experiences the Holy Innocents in its own way

Lara, La Guaira, Monagas and Falcón each have their way of thanking the favors received

In Monagas, protection is guaranteed to visitors at the Baile del Mono 

#Monagas They will carry out a contingency plan to attend to emergencies that may occur during the Baile del Mono

Monaguense children continue to receive toys at Christmas

#Monagas The delivery day was accompanied by recreational activities for the enjoyment of boys and girls