Heavy rains caused a tree to fall in Maturín

Winds uprooted a tree, damaging two poles and four transformers

Murdered an escort of Minister Reverol

Rodríguez's body was located Tuesday night in Colinas de Valle Arriba, Baruta municipality (Miranda)

Monagas commemorated the day of people with hearing disabilities

#Monagas With walks, sports competitions and recreational activities they celebrated the international day in Maturín

Infocenters in Monagas will be rehabilitated

#Monagas In October the "República de Uruguay" Infocenter will be reopened in Maturín in a first phase

Inspect progress of the 2022 Planting Plan in Monagas

#Monagas A harvest of 10 hectares of corn and 30 hectares of beans is estimated

Inauguration of pediatric emergency at the Central Hospital of Maturín

#Monagas In the 11 rehabilitated clinical areas, more than 100 children will be treated daily

They carry out a road prevention campaign in Monagas

#Monagas They seek to promote road awareness for driver safety

They install debate of the New Era for entrepreneurs in Monagas

#Monagas The 317 entrepreneurs of the Cedeño municipality participate in the debate

Assembly of the health sector was deployed in Monagas

#Monagas More than 3 thousand health professionals from Sucre, Anzoátegui, Delta Amacuro and Monagas attended the meeting

Home waterproofing plan begins in Monagas

#Monagas They will serve 255 homes with the waterproofing plan