Maturín air terminal reactivates new international route

#Monagas As of June 28, the Maturín-Santo Domingo route will be reactivated

Minec will plant 1500 araguaneyes in Monagas

#Monagas They carried out symbolic planting of 10 araguaneyes as part of the celebration of the Tree Mission

In Monagas they estimate to plant 1.500 plants between araguaneyes and apamates

#Monagas With the planting of plants they seek to strengthen the forested areas of the region

Bricomiles have served 160 educational institutions in Monagas

#Monagas Advances in the maintenance and recovery of educational infrastructures in the entity

Plane crash in Maturín claimed the lives of two people

#Monagas The aircraft turned off and crashed on the runway of the Maturín International Airport

More than 700 active officials in Monagas due to the arrival of the rains

#Monagas They install a situational room in order to monitor rainfall behavior in the entity

Bicentennial school brigades sworn in in Monagas

400 students from different #Monagas institutions were sworn in as brigade members

HIV prevention talks were held in Monagas

They visit educational institutions simultaneously in the municipalities of #Monagas

In Monagas, 22 doses were administered in the vaccination plan

#Monagas The goal was 1.000 applications per day at 177 vaccination points

The route of the four elements is paradise and magic in Monagas

The tour of these trails will take you to know the ancestral practices of the Kariñas