They attend to damages in Mérida after the cyclone

#Mérida Activated the state and municipal Comprehensive Defense Management Body for the control of damages in the entity

In Mérida they close the way with Táchira and Trujillo

#Mérida The step is suspended as a preventive measure against the increase in flow of the Guaruríes River

Rains caused the Escalante River to flood in Mérida

#Mérida PC remains on alert and attends to those affected by the rains in the La Roca sector

They care for those affected by the rains in Mérida

#Mérida Food and equipment delivered to the inhabitants of the parishes of the Bishop Ramos de Lora municipality in Mérida

Rains generated floods in the Pan-American axis

#Mérida Total loss of homes and belongings, in addition to the impact on public services is the balance left by the rains

Heavy rains in Mérida affected more than 100 homes

Of the 166 houses affected, 18 suffered total loss

Flood of the Guachizón river generated floods in Mérida

#Mérida The municipality of Obispo Ramos de Lora was the most affected by the flooding of the Guachizón River as a result of the rains

In Mérida, the recovery of the Río Guaruníes bridge advances

#Mérida The infrastructure was closed after its collapse, on May 13, motivated by the increase in flow and heavy rains

More than 30 homes affected by blizzard in Mérida

#Mérida In Tovar, 250 sheets will be delivered to repair roofs destroyed by heavy rains

Hurricane winds and rains left severe damage in Tovar, Mérida

#Mérida Nine sectors of the Tovar municipality were affected by torrential downpours