Venezuela registered 15 new cases of covid-19, all community

A total of 552.351 confirmed infections are recorded

In Miranda they will decide on April 23 the use of resources

Installed the electoral commission for Popular Consultation Miranda 2023

Ministry of Health will hold International Health Fair

It will take place from March 30 to 31 at Parque Los Caobos from 9 in the morning

Ecological competition in Anzoátegui collected a thousand kilos of plastic

#Anzoátegui Playa Cangrejo de Lechería was the setting for the activity

Fetal surgery program reactivated at the Clinic

They delivered medical supplies and materials to the Doctor Domingo Luciani Hospital

Ayacucho Sports Complex is rehabilitated on January 23

With this delivery there are 565 fields recovered in Caracas

Churches beautify for Easter

They recover religious spaces in Falcón, Caracas and Miranda

The Chuao CDI active with several medical services

In Dr. Salvador Allende they perform disintrometry and resonances

Four new cases of covid-19 were registered in the last hours

So far there are 552.336 confirmed cases of covid-19 in the country

Expand clean slate plan to 5 states

The program will reach the Capital region, Central East and Guyana.