Children of Venezuelans in Peru receive Venezuelan nationality

Embassy of Venezuela in Peru delivered 42 birth registration certificates

Fanb will carry out practices on the occasion of acts of July 5

They will celebrate 211 years of the Declaration of Independence of Venezuela

Consulate of Venezuela in Portugal will carry out an operation in the Algarve

Venezuelans residing in Portugal will be able to expedite various consular procedures

Create Specialized Prosecutor's Office in Fisheries

They will create a manual of action in matters of fishing

They issue the first electronic certificates for Communal Councils

The process was achieved through the new automated system for registration for the People's Power

Bricomiles will attend Ven App reports from schools and high schools

Attention will be channeled through the communal councils

Cantv restored service to communities in Amazonas and Apure

The actions are part of the Breakdown Resolution Plan of the telephone company

They inaugurated a daily care home in José Félix Ribas

The mayor of the Sucre municipality pointed out that there are 25 rehabilitated houses in the jurisdiction

Rains of variable intensity are expected in much of the country

Rainfall will be accompanied by electrical activity and gusts of wind

On Wednesday, 93 new cases of covid-19 were registered

On the day, two deaths were reported as a result of the virus in the state of Zulia