Río Claro in Lara already has a new access road

#Lara More than 100 inhabitants from 16 sectors of the Juares parish benefited from the road

They delivered homes in two municipalities in Lara

#Lara Nine houses were delivered in the Morán and Iribarren municipalities

They install pipes and repair sewage collector in Lara

#Lara Requests were received through the VenApp

Banmujer started workshops in Lara for future financing

#Lara Women from five parishes in the Iribarren municipality participated in the workshops

Government of Lara signed an agreement with a Guarica university

#Lara They will expand study alternatives in medicine and dentistry careers

PSUV mobilized in 24 states against imperialist sanctions

#Pulsoregional Organized people and workers deploy in support of President Nicolás Maduro

In Lara urban agricultural producers received credits  

#Lara The producers received baby animals, seeds, food and materials

In Lara they held the first PSUV study circle

#Lara The purpose of the activity is to promote training and awareness for the construction of the homeland

Lara prepares to participate in Guinness Record with Divina Pastora

#Lara Through the Catholic manifestation of the Divina Pastora, it is expected to obtain the certificate by 2024

GNB arrested two people with drugs in Lara

#Lara These are two men, one 33 and the other 36 years old