Goat herd improvement plan executed in Lara

#Lara They plan new days of artificial insemination within the Improvement Plan

Lara headquarters of the V National Fair of Carora breed cattle and their mestizas

#Lara The event will be framed by the 42nd edition of the Carora Fair in honor of San Juan Bautista

Commemorate 245 years of the birth of General Jacinto Lara Meléndez

#Lara In honor of General Lara, the plaza was rehabilitated by the Venezuela Bella y Construlara Mission

Risk Management monitors incidents of tropical waves in Lara

#Lara In Larense territory there are seven work fronts in six municipalities

They clean streams and sewers in the metropolitan area of ​​Lara

#Lara They execute preventive plans before the rainy season

Cycle of cinematography workshops begins in Lara

#Lara Facilitators from the University of the Arts (UNEARTE) participate in the cycle of workshops

Miracle Mission began surgical day in Lara

#Lara 125 patients will attend the week of May 22 to Saturday May 27

Aula Hospitalaria in Lara: educational epicenter hand in hand with health

#Lara Currently 55 students receive pedagogical and recreational attention

The book as a cultural asset is reaching each Larense municipality

#Lara They seek to massify access to books as a means for the intellectual growth of the population

Emergency of the "Don Felipe Ponte" ambulatory in Lara is extended

#Lara Remodeling includes pediatric area, adult hospitalization and the creation of spaces