Turbidity of the Tirgua River affects water supply in San Carlos

Workers carry out sediment removal work from the catchment area

78 families from Lame have been assisted with Country Fairs

Products such as vegetables, proteins and food were distributed in 467 communities

Active 20 Weeks Plan in Tinaco municipality

The town participated in tree pruning and preventive work

6 thousand fry of black cachama are grown in the Pao La Balsa reservoir

In Cojedes they strengthen aquaculture production in the lagoons of the area

Venezuela Bella Mission has carried out 38 cleaning days in Cojedes

The operations that are executed also correspond to disinfection and beautification

Public services are strengthened in the Girardot municipality

In Cojedes, work is progressing to improve sewage, lighting and drinking water

Popular Bases of Cojedes refine strategies towards parliamentarians

More than 400 men and women discuss political actions in the entity

Five inmates escaped in Cojedes

These subjects fled at dawn last Saturday without encountering any opposition

Improvements in public services in Tinaquillo advance

Work teams remain in the streets, beautifying areas of the jurisdiction

Health care days continue in the Tinaquillo municipality

Medical and safety supplies were delivered in the emergencies of the Torondaro hospital