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In Trujillo they have 14 SRIs in operation

They have thermotherapy, podiatry, gymnastics and speech therapy

Cardiology is for all kids

The hospital performs corrective surgeries for congenital heart defects

In Monagas there are 17 CDIs available for everyone

The centers carry out surgical plans, emergency care and consultations

Hospitals in Caracas treat nephrological problems

Health centers have equipment to perform dialysis and detect kidney pathologies

In Carabobo women have specialized care

In the clinic and Rosa Unit they perform breast mammograms, gynecological control and bone densitometry

Hospitals carry out gynecological control

Service is available in Periférico de Catia, Los Magallanes and El Luciani

0800-Mustache goes to communities of Carabobo

To date, they have served 37.781 people from the 14 municipalities

The CDIs remain operational in the capital

At Amelia Blanco and Ludovico Silva they serve more than just emergencies

In hospitals they perform corneal transplants

The Ministry for Health processes the search for the healthy organ

In the regions they have a radiology service

They carry out free echoes in the states of La Guaira, Yaracuy and Monagas