Pope approves Canonical Coronation Virgin of the Admirable Peña in Guárico

Last year the Archbishop of Calabozo made the request to the Holy See

In Guárico, they were sworn in as the Darío Vivas Campaign Command

José Vásquez will be the head of this alliance in the region for the parliamentarians

They strengthen the mission bases

Community governments are the beginning for its creation

Recovered and beautified sports and recreational spaces in Guárico

Works will benefit 600 inhabitants who must comply with sanitary standards to enter

Psuv presents Guárico candidates for parliamentarians

Governor José Vásquez made the presentation in San Juan de los Morros

Telemedicine Center serves patients in Guárico

The center is available 24 hours a day and has benefited 75 patients

Rio Tiznado socialist company reactivated in Guárico

5 new agro-productive projects start with this management model

New Municipal Tax System is implemented in Guárico

This project will begin in a first phase in the municipalities Roscio and Mellado

Poultry production increases in Complejo del Alba, Guárico

The entity will run the Chicken Route for the benefit of small producers

Guarico exceeds 2 million house-to-house consultations

More 11.000 health professionals are deployed in screening days