More than 30 million kilograms of onions will be planted in Guárico

#Guárico More than 186 producers prepare the field for onion cultivation

Gas distribution center inaugurated in Valle de la Pascua

#Guárico The infrastructure is located in the Alfallanos sector and benefits more than 8 communities

Parish of Guárico and Aragua pay tribute to the Virgen de la Caridad

#Guárico Devotees made the traditional walk from San Juan de los Morros to San Sebastián de los Reyes

Social Day served more than 500 people in San Juan de los Morros

#Guárico The Rosa Inés community was favored with plan Z, medical care and food

With varied programming they will close the month of the teacher in Guárico

#Guárico The teachers will carry out recreational, cultural, social, sports and scientific activities

They repair 7.728 meters of roads in Camaguán

They rehabilitate roads with recovered machinery in alliance with the government of the state #Guárico

Guariqueño teachers union marched against the blockade and sanctions

#Guárico Vásquez urged "not to fall into the manipulation and destabilization" sought by the right

Alert about misleading offer of domestic gas in Guárico

President of the Gas Distributor #Guárico denied the sale of gas cylinders through social networks

They reactivate 50% of the water supply in Zaraza

#Guárico The water treatment plant was out of service as a result of mechanical failures

Recovered popular clinic delivered in San Juan de los Morros

#Guárico The Callejón Xiomara health center benefits 476 families and 14 sectors of the point and circle