Drinking water well reactivated in Camaguán

#Guárico More than 750 families in the Rómulo Gallegos community now have the vital liquid through pipes

Mobile Gas Plant serves families from Roscio in Guárico 

#Guárico They carry out saturation days with which they have attended more than 9.500 families of Roscio

The rice harvest in Guárico advances by more than 50%

#Guárico They foresee that the production yield will exceed 200 million kilograms of cereal

Students propose improvements for Unerg in Guárico

#Guárico Students from the Rómulo Gallegos University met with Minister Sandra Oblitas

In Guárico they showed successful management experiences of Popular Power

#Guárico Some 300 state community councils shared their experiences in around 75 projects

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Room recovered in Guárico delivered

#Guárico In the center it has nutrition, dentistry, electrotherapy and other services

Flour processing plant in Guárico produces 120 tons per day

#Guárico The plant generates at least 60 manager jobs and more than 180 indirect jobs in the llanera region

At least 8 houses affected after rains in Altagracia de Orituco

#Guárico In Altagracia de Orituco, Monagas municipality there were 8 flooded houses, structural collapse and tree falls

Guárico dresses up to celebrate the Quitapesares 2023 festival

#Guárico Zaraza was chosen as the venue for the celebration of the Cultural Meeting of Knowledge and Doing "Quitapesares 2023"

Protein combos are distributed to families in Valle de la Pascua

#Guárico Some six thousand families from the Leonardo Infante municipality benefit from protein combos