They arrested five in Guárico with drugs, weapons and ammunition

Three of them were captured in the El Remanso sector, on the border between Guárico and Apure.

Candelaria fairs in Valle de Pascua have a new queen

#Guárico Ana Rosamilia was crowned this Saturday, during an event that kicks off the festivities

Guárico adds 130 families benefited with housing plans

#Guárico They received construction materials, titles and credits for the recovery of homes

Supplies are provided to the Dr. Israel Ranuárez Balza hospital in Guárico

The different hospitals of the state will continue to provide medical supplies #Guárico

Candelaria Fairs are celebrated in style in Valle de la Pascua

With varied programming they will pay tribute to the Patron Saint of #Guárico

In Guárico, they attend pregnant and lactating mothers with a social day

#Guárico They were benefited with food and medicine modules

100% reactivated the drinking water service in Zaraza

#Guárico The distribution of drinking water in the entity will be carried out in a sectorized manner

Installation of water pumping equipment in Zaraza advances

#Guárico HidroPáez staff installs the second equipment that will allow 100% water supply

Guariqueño Parliament appointed permanent commissions for 2023

#Guárico The bodies were constituted during the first ordinary session of the year

Graduates from the Teacher Training University in Guárico receive tablets

#Guárico Benefit graduates in Educational Management and Supervision, English and Physical Education