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Guárico produces potato seeds in a Scientific-Farmer alliance

#Guárico More than 4 thousand potato seeds of the María Bonita variety were harvested in San Juan de los Morros

Guárico teachers participate in the National Training Plan

#Guárico The plan was executed in the 15 municipalities and 39 parishes of the region

Bricomiles rehabilitate 25 Guariqueña institutions

#Guárico It is expected to provide optimal and beautified spaces throughout the entity for the return of classes

More than 770 Guariqueños benefited from a social day in Guayabal

#Guárico Multiple services were provided for 2 days to the inhabitants of the Los Banquitos II sector

They arrested four vaccine collectors

The detainees were handed over to the Public Ministry to be prosecuted for extortion, among other crimes.

They install 10 thousand LED technology lights in Guárico

#Guárico They delivered 220 devices that will be placed in more than 10 sectors of the Camaguán municipality

Manuelita Sáenz school will be rehabilitated in El Socorro, Guárico state

#Guárico The Foundation of Educational Buildings and Endowments delivered materials to begin the recovery

In Guárico the crime rate has decreased by 20,2%

#Guárico accounts for 138 fewer crimes compared to 2022, according to the Venezuelan Security Observatory

Guariqueña capital was mobilized in support of the Bolivarian project

#Guárico Red Tide took to the streets of San Juan to demonstrate their loyalty to Nicolás Maduro

They replace 300 meters of pipe from the Tamanaco System in Guárico

#Guárico They also correct leaks and illegal intakes to improve water service in Valle de la Pascua