Public policies are intensified to meet the needs of Guariqueños

#Guárico They propose to direct capacities and resources towards the social, economic and political attention of the state

Guárico opened the doors of its first Mercal store

#Guárico The store allows savings of up to 45% compared to the traditional market

Orituco hospital emergency rooms rehabilitated

#Guárico The Governor delivered the rooms of the Pediatric and Adult Emergency areas

Gas is supplied to families in the Infante municipality in Guárico

#Guárico 887 families from different communities of the Leonardo Infante municipality were benefited

They announce in Guárico the incorporation of the Nutrivida Plan to the country's Clap

#Guárico In the state, 4 cereal-based products are produced that will be incorporated into the Clap modules

They serve families with a social day in Guárico

#Guárico More than 300 inhabitants of the José Tadeo Monagas municipality were attended during a comprehensive social day

Guárico: Open reception of works for the Regional Journalism Award

#Guárico The reception of jobs will continue from this March 15 and until April 30

They will improve the water distribution system in Calabozo

#Guárico They will build a floating water intake from the Guárico reservoir to the Calabozo water treatment plant

In Guárico they harvest more than 1.300 hectares of cotton

#Guárico For this year they estimate a production of more than 2 million 600 thousand kilograms of cotton

Social day "A Plate of Love" favored children from Guariqueños

#Guárico More than 120 children from Las Mercedes del Llano enjoyed food, sweets and games