Reserve works, but has its buts

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Metamask: The simplest wallet on the cryptocurrency market

In Venezuela, the Ethereum wallet is often used as a store for cryptos acquired on other exchanges

Zinli: the virtual wallet to pay and receive dollars without commissions

With this platform you can open your account and request your VISA card in less than 10 minutes

Bancumbre (Berzus): The fintech that allows you to receive payments through Zelle

We tell you how you can receive Zelle from Berzus, being in Venezuela.

First steps in Binance: how to buy cryptocurrencies from Venezuela

The exchange has become an alternative to receive payments in cryptocurrencies and convert them to bolivars

This is Ubii App: the Venezuelan fintech that facilitates payments and cash withdrawal

The registration and use of this fintech is equivalent to opening a bank account at the BVC and the possibility of withdrawing money in cash