Ros Feng Shui

Beams and columns in spaces

A sofa or chair should never be placed to cover the columns.

The legend of the red thread

The red thread that unites us is invisible to our eyes, and it is important to wait for our moment, and let the red thread take us to our destiny.

Systemic feng shui

More than decoration and more than a movement

Chinese zodiac wheel. July month of the Monkey

During this month star 9 of OPPORTUNITIES arrives at the CENTER

My house has good feng shui

All spaces in our house should smell good, awaken the sense of enjoyment

Horse energy in feng shui

The horse is a very auspicious decorative symbol, it represents the triumph and achievement of our goals.

Chinese zodiac wheel. June month of the Horse

Dad's mission according to his Chinese sign

The 7 universal laws within feng shui

These seven laws go through everything and ourselves, and govern our creation; everything moves, vibrates and flows constantly

Lotus flower purity of spirit

“The lotus is the flower that grows in the mud. “The deeper and thicker the mud, the more beautiful the lotus flower blooms” CHINESE PROVERB

Flowers bring prosperity

Flowers provide good energy, new vibrations and act as energetic shields for the home and those who live in it.