They maintain monitoring in coastal municipalities of Falcón

#Falcón Government Cabinet constantly monitors the operation of public services

Falcon alert for the passage of a cyclone and a tropical wave

#Falcón Civil Protection and the Falcón National Risk Management System are on early warning

Bricomiles in Falcón and Sucre ready for school recovery

#PulsoRegional The brigades will focus on the repair of infrastructure in educational centers

Battle of Carabobo is commemorated in the regions

#PulsoRegional With several acts in the country they remembered the 201 years of the Battle of Carabobo, this June 24

Falcón added 72 homes to the GMVV milestone 4.100.000

#Falcón This is the first stage of San Isidro urban planning, Monseñor Iturriza municipality, made up of 138 homes

Fifth Water Community Council met in Falcón

#Falcón Spokespersons from various communities presented proposals, complaints and reports on the service

In Falcón they establish 305 immunization points for children

#Falcón More than 110 thousand doses of vaccines against measles, rubella and polio will be applied

They promote production of Agave Cocuy in Falcón

#Falcón They introduce a law proposal for the promotion of the production of Agave Cocui-Cocuy

Simón Bolívar Training Ship docked in Paraguaná

#Falcón The also known "Ambassador without borders" will be in the entity until June 17 with guided tours

Coro hospital adult emergency reactivated

#Falcón After two months of work at the Coro Hospital, 19 areas and 40 recovered beds were put into operation