Venezuela participates in the Celac Energy Meeting in Honduras

The delegations of the Celac member countries ratified their commitment to the energy transition in Latin America and the Caribbean

Petromonagas adds a new well to the 2024 Drilling Plan

The company, attached to the Venezuelan Petroleum Corporation, closed the first quarter with the completion of four producing wells

China opposes US sanctions against Venezuela and the dispossession of Citgo

The Chinese Foreign Ministry asks Washington to stop interfering in Venezuelan internal affairs.

National Assembly approved extension for 15 years requested by Petropiar

The report to request the extension for the period 2033-2047 was presented by the Permanent Commission on Energy and Petroleum of the AN

PDVSA rejects theft of its assets

The Minister of Petroleum, Pedro Tellechea, pointed out that the process, full of illegalities, constitutes a new criminal aggression against the heritage of the Venezuelan people.

Venezuela categorically rejects theft of Citgo by the US

The Vice President affirmed that in national unity the people of Venezuela will defend their heritage and apply justice to those who plotted this dispossession

US oil production expected to fall in 2025

They estimate that the level of 12 to 13 million barrels per day could be maintained for about six to nine more months.

Texas oil businessmen sign agreement with PDVSA to increase production

600 wells will be exploited in a first stage until reaching 3.000 in a year and a half. The company already has pre-approval from Ofac, being the first license granted under order 44A

Crude oil production in May amounted to 910.000 bpd

It is one of the highest figures since November 2019

Saudi Arabia did not renew the “Petrodollar” agreement with the US

The historic decision frees the Saudis from the hegemony of the dollar and opens the oil market in other currencies.