El Aissami inspected and certified productive work in Pequiven

This visit marks the beginning of the pact of the new Pequiven to continue consolidating the development of our entire country, said El Aissami

Peasants ask for credits to plant 250.000 hectares of corn

Peasant Federation of Venezuela put the land for planting at the order of the Government

Venezuela willing to receive important investments safely

During her participation in the Eurasian Economic Forum, the vice president highlighted that Venezuela represents a great potential exporter of multiple resources for other countries in the world

President Maduro approved the plan “my Clap is productive”

More than 18 thousand Clap will be incorporated in a first phase, said Maduro

Banco de Venezuela begins public offering in the stock market

The measure arises within the framework of the actions announced by President Nicolás Maduro to boost and revitalize the economy

Communes of Trujillo produce 27 strategic items

#Trujillo The Commune Chávez and Bolívar covers 700 families and produces tomatoes, round onions, long onions, among other foods

Transfers of Mercal assets and furniture will go to popular power

When Mercal was created, the State was in charge of supplying the communities

Maduro: Venezuela is at the forefront of food production

He stressed that the entire Venezuelan State meets the demand for items with national production

ECLAC forecasts 5% growth in the Venezuelan economy by 2022

With these data, ECLAC raises its projections for Venezuela

Small businessmen recover economic dynamism in Lara

The rise of new ventures adds to the economic recovery experienced by small and medium-sized industrialists in #Lara