Bernal: Business Meeting 2022 promotes the potential of Tachira

#Táchira The Business Meeting will run until June 11 and takes place at the San Cristóbal fair complex in the state of Táchira

Credit Suisse reiterates economic growth forecast for Venezuela

The investment bank highlights the increase in oil production and tax revenues

BCV will evaluate cooperation in payment systems with Russia and Turkey

The issue will be addressed at the Spief economic forum in St. Petersburg

They predict that the Venezuelan economy will grow 5% in 2022

Vice Minister Castillo: increase in crude oil production was favorable in 2021

They foresee an increase in the Venezuelan oil economy in 2022

The Vice Minister of Anti-Blockade Policies, William Castillo, indicated that the current boom will benefit the country's economy

Economy of resistance allowed to feed the people amid sanctions

President Maduro highlighted that in 2021 the economy grew by 5% and a slowdown in induced hyperinflation

Banco de Venezuela formalized public offering of up to 10% of its shares

On Thursday, in the Extraordinary General Assembly of Shareholders, the process of acquiring shares was formalized with a unanimous vote, which will be informed in the coming days.

Seniat has raised 26 million 370 thousand 188 petros in 2022

In the month of May, 5.980.653 petros were collected

Maduro: Venezuela reports double-digit growth in the first quarter

The indicators of the stability of the exchange system and the deceleration of inflation are showing improvement, said Maduro

Eurasian Economic Union promotes trade with Latin America

Non-politicization and balance of interests are the principles of the block that seeks to create a space for equal cooperation and minimize the impact of unilateral coercive measures