Delta amacuro

Canal cleaning begins to prevent flooding in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro At least ten drainage channels began to be cleaned in the Tucupita municipality and will be incorporated into the Casacoima municipality

Water service restored to three thousand people in El Torno de Tucupita

#DeltaAmacuro General maintenance work on hydrological facilities continues

Santa Cruz de Tucupita celebrates the May Cross for 100 years

#DeltaAmacuro The celebration for the Cruz de Mayo extends for three days in Tucupita

They celebrate Cruz de Mayo to thank nature

Each region dresses her and celebrates her in a different way but they all coincide at the altar, the wake and the tenths in her honor

Monitoring of the level of the Orinoco River begins in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro PC officials deployed in the municipalities of Antonio Díaz, Casacoima and Tucupita

The Vaccination Week of the Americas 2023 began in the regions

#PulsoRegional The vaccination campaign offers immunization against 18 diseases

They serve more than 6 thousand people with comprehensive sessions in Tucupita

#DeltaAmacuro The sessions included medical attention, delivery of Clap, nutritional plan, vaccination, among others

Civil Protection prepares protocols for the rains in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro Civil Protection maintains a constant review of the land and inhabited sectors that are vulnerable

More than 600 patients have been operated for free at Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro The operated patients suffer from different pathologies

Detection of covid-19 and tuberculosis continues in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro Guarantee treatment to patients diagnosed with both diseases in the entity