Delta amacuro

They clean canals before the rains in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro The measure responds to the contingency plan for rains in Delta Amacuro

Battle of Carabobo is commemorated in the regions

#PulsoRegional With several acts in the country they remembered the 201 years of the Battle of Carabobo, this June 24

Supervise municipal market in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro The objective is to create actions to recondition market spaces and guarantee the well-being of merchants

They will serve more than 30 schools in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro Several institutions will carry out repairs to the infrastructure of Delta Amacuro schools

They hold a socio-productive fair in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro The day benefited workers, union movements and the collective

They carry out a day of comprehensive care in communities of Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro During the day, more than 25 communities were served

They supervise homes in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro Minister of Housing reported that 26 more homes will be delivered

The safe and happy carnivals 2022 began in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro 1.800 officials are deployed throughout the entity

They provide supplies for the rehabilitation center in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro Around 90 patients a day attend CRI Arístides Lira

500 families benefited from care day in Delta Amacuro

#Delta Amacuro Two thousand families served in the El Zamuro community in the Tucupita Municipality