Delta amacuro

In the Delta indigenous students grow their own food

#DeltaAmacuro For more than five months, students have been preparing the harvest

Deltanos pay tribute to San José de Tucupita this Sunday

#DeltaAmacuro The activities will take place on the Manamo de Tucupita promenade

Delta producers had a day of legal advice

#DeltaAmacuro The event was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Land together with other institutions in support of producers and fishermen

Rehabilitation of the Tucupita containment dam began

#DeltaAmacuro The containment dam protects the delta capital from flooding

Transdelta expands its routes in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro Transdelta covers the entire road section of the entity and the indigenous and peasant communities

They delivered free food in the Tucupita maternity hospital

#DeltaAmacuro Patients and workers of the maternity hospital were benefited

They hold a shoal fair in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro Several fairs will be held to celebrate the anniversary week of the fisherman

Production projects are being prepared in Delta Amacuro

The projects are executed within the framework of the #DeltaAmacuro production plan

Water treatment plant installed in the indigenous community of the Delta

#DeltaAmacuro It is the first system of several that will be installed

Two young men arrested for desecrating graves in Tucupita

#DeltaAmacuro They stole the metals from the tombs to sell them