Delta amacuro

They honor military and civilian officials in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro They received the highest award that the Delta Amacuro state can award

Rains in Delta Amacuro without material or human losses

#DeltaAmacuro They maintain monitoring of weather systems after rains in the entity

Comprehensive care continues for Waraos in the Delta Amacuro jungle

They approached the communities of the Santos de Abelgas parish, Antonio Díaz municipality in the jungle of #DeltaAmacuro

Delta Amacuro is projected as a tourist destination in the Fitven

#DeltaAmacuro stands out for its diverse ancestral culture, art and impressive natural settings unique in Venezuela

Health Staff in Delta Amacuro supervises achievements in hospitals

#Delta Amacuro The balance highlighted the improvements in various areas of the Dr. Luis Razetti Hospital in Tucupita

In Delta Amacuro they welcome the Christmas season

#DeltaAmacuro More than a thousand families enjoyed the lights, decorations and fireworks

Deltaica Territorial University recovers after the pandemic

#DeltaAmacuro Bachelors have returned to this house of studies to complete their training process

Shoal Fair distributes 4 tons of sardines in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro The Shoal Fair was held on the Manano boardwalk in Tucupita

They inspect agricultural and urban works in Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro Governor inspected the Delta rice agro-industrial complex, located on the island of Cocuina in Tucupita

The level of the Orinoco River drops in the Delta Amacuro

#DeltaAmacuro The level of the Orinoco River fell 10 cm in the Delta, remaining at its minimum level of 2 and 3 centimeters