Data UN

ÚN Data: 57% of Venezuelans feel happy

Family relationships are the greatest generator of happiness, with 45%.

DataUN: more than a third use several profiles on the same social network

More than 93% of those surveyed access social networks through their cell phones.

ÚN Data: Internet medical services reach 12% of the population

55% say they started using telemedicine during the pandemic.

SINGLE data: half of lottery players bet up to 4 times a week

Most assure that they do not play more than 20 dollars a month.

SINGLE data: women go to the gym to lose weight and men to do something new

39% of those who train do so in the morning and 38% in the afternoon.

ÚN data: 27% do remote work in Venezuela

Four out of six home office practitioners have clients outside the country.

SINGLE Facts: 2 out of 3 Tinder users and the like went on a real date

Applications to find a partner reach 26,39%. Most had a good experience.

ÚN data: lotteries and banking, what Venezuelans googled the most in 2022

Searches for draw results shot up more than 4.000%, competing with the World Cup.

ÚN data: complete Christmas dish is present in 70% of homes

Hallacas, ham bread and salad are not lacking in 90% of the tables and 7 out of 10 include pork.

ÚN Data: the majority use the mask “sometimes yes and sometimes no”

Outside the home, 35% use it only indoors, 31% always wear it and 13% no longer wear it.