Datos ÚN

UN Data: More than 84% believe that La Vinotinto will be champion in the Copa América

Venezuela reached the Quarterfinals as an invite in the group headquarters phase

Data: More than 86% have asked José Gregorio Hernández for miracles

For 57% of those surveyed there is no doubt that the canonization process will be in 2025

UN Data: 81,2% believe that social networks censor for political reasons

49,2% reject the practice of banning on digital platforms.

Datos ÚN: 7 out of 10 think that motorized vehicles do not comply with the rules

Almost half (48,9%) of motorcyclists themselves admit that there are failures to comply with traffic rules.

Datos ÚN: 36,4% of TikTok users invest 1 to 3 hours a day on the platform

55,1% estimate that they spend more time on this social network than on any other.

Datos ÚN- Most credit cards have low limits

3 out of 10 claim to have an active credit card in bolivars.

Datos ÚN: 35,5% say candidates should focus on the economy

Health is a priority for 15,8%, public services for 13,7% and housing for 10,7%.

Datos ÚN: 70% have a habit of buying at Farmatodo

51,5% of respondents report that they visited this pharmacy chain a week or less ago.

Datos ÚN: Cashea has reached more than half of the public

50,8% stated that they had used the financing app at least once in the last year.

Datos ÚN: Houston Astros, New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves are the favorites in Venezuela

The Caraquistas prefer the Yankees (28,9%), the Magallaneros prefer the Astros (35,2%), the Guairistas prefer the Bravos (33,2%) and those from Aragua prefer the Detroit Tigers (22,9%).