In Zulia three men murdered in Paraguachón

#Zulia Subjects on a motorcycle were shot without saying a word and fled the scene

Court annulled auditing board of company allied to Petropiar

The judge says that the suspension is for the sake of guaranteeing the development of a judicial process without constitutional violations

They raided a house and seized 10.400 marijuana seeds

In another procedure in Zulia, they captured three subjects for violating security zones

Venezuelan doctor was raped by four men in Guayaquil

The Venezuelan took an informal taxi in which she was beaten, robbed and raped

Woman caught in La Guaira with two kilos of liquid cocaine

He was about to board the Paraguaná ferry bound for Margarita Island

The Wilexis wants to expand at the point of lead in neighborhoods of Petare

The Wilexis wants to colonize neighboring sectors because it is receiving larger portions of drugs

Captured subject accused of murdering his mother-in-law

In another procedure, they arrested 4 subjects responsible for the murder of Fernando Millán (24)

They caught a grave robber with a skull

GNB detained the man while digging a grave at the Cementerio General del Sur

Venezuelan woman shot 14 times in abandoned house in Peru

Two men who tried to rob the abandoned house found the body of the Venezuelan

Bodies of 15 Venezuelans who died in an accident in Nicaragua were repatriated

Governments of Nicaragua and Venezuela worked together to achieve the repatriation