Relatives of a Venezuelan murdered in the US ask for justice

The victim's family assures that the young woman was not a drug addict and they ask for the truth

They investigate the murder of two Venezuelan barbers in Colombia

They presume hitman for the similarity of both crimes

Knocked down subject and rescued a kidnapped in El Callao

Two members of the kidnapping group were arrested at the scene.

They demand justice for a minor who was raped

Relatives of the victim fear that the accused will be released and flee the country

Seven injured after explosion in kiosk located in Chacao

The accident occurred due to the accumulation of gases due to a defective LPG cylinder

TSJ ratified 20 years in prison for a soldier who injured his ex-partner

The court reaffirmed the conviction after dismissing the appeal filed by the military's lawyers

They locate 2.000 liters of gasoline near a clandestine runway in Zulia

The commander of the CEOFANB, Domingo Hernández Lárez explained that the gasoline was hidden among the weeds

Four doctors charged for selling kit for operations

For this reason, the 12th Prosecutor's Office charged them with the crimes of: own corruption, own fraudulent embezzlement and association to commit a crime.

They seized nine kilos of liquid cocaine in a parcel company

The procedure was notified to the Public Ministry

Young prisoner for selling videos of fights between high school students

The detainee is Anthony de Jesús Monserattia Freite (19), denounced by the mother of an assaulted student