Tenth illegal aircraft disables the Fanb in Zulia

He was flying low and with the identification equipment disconnected.

Behind bars murderers of a sixty-year-old

Dinorah Martínez (64) was suffocated inside her residence located in Los Teques

A trio that made drugs in an artisanal laboratory fell

Drugs, utensils, telephones, bags and a vehicle were seized

Four killed in Guárico during skirmishes

In Altagracia de Orituco, military troops killed El Lacra from the Tren del Llano cell

Polipariaguán captured someone involved in the murder of a family

He is one of the three members of the Tren del Llano captured in Anzoátegui

They capture a young man who outraged PNB

He also maintained a violent attitude against Cicpc officials who proceeded to arrest him.

The three legged conspiracy

The plan resembles that of the year 2018 to "accelerate the collapse", according to what was exposed by the former ambassador William Brownfield

11 businessmen and 10 officials imprisoned for corruption in PDVSA

In the worst style of the mafia, they recruited young people to legitimize capital

They accused the mayor of Las Tejerías of terrorism

The 3rd anti-terrorist court in charge of Judge Alice Hernández, also decreed deprivation of liberty

Persecution of the Rabbit began in Chuao and culminated in Irapa

He was found in a house located on Cerro Colorado, in Irapa, Sucre state.