They caught five from the Tren del Llano in Valle de la Pascua

These subjects extorted merchants and agro-producers so as not to threaten their lives

They caught a son who stabbed his mother 10 times

In another incident, an itinerant fruit vendor died after being shot.

Venezuelan murdered for alleged settling of scores in Colombia

The 30-year-old Venezuelan lived in Cúcuta and authorities say he had a criminal record

Plane crashed in Charallave

#Miranda Six people were traveling in the airplane. Officers carry out search and rescue work

Three people arrested for selling a girl in Aragua

Investigations showed that a couple would have offered $ 500 dollars to the mother of the baby

FANB dismantles illegal fuel tank of Tancol groups

The FANB reiterated that Venezuela will not be a support or service station for drug trafficking

Mother prisoner and her partner for the murder of a one-year-old boy

The minor's autopsy showed beatings and sexual abuse

Relatives of a Venezuelan murdered in the US ask for justice

The victim's family assures that the young woman was not a drug addict and they ask for the truth

They investigate the murder of two Venezuelan barbers in Colombia

They presume hitman for the similarity of both crimes

Knocked down subject and rescued a kidnapped in El Callao

Two members of the kidnapping group were arrested at the scene.