They caught a scammer from the "Hello, I'm Ana" plan

The woman was arrested for fraudulently buying $3

Police pressure allowed the release of a hostage

Relatives denounced the incident and a commission was formed between agents of the regional police and the GNB

TSJ ratified 30 years for man who raped his 7-year-old stepdaughter

He was convicted in 2017, appealed the decision and the Carabobo Court of Appeals dismissed it

He admitted that he murdered a former partner and sentenced him to 20 years

Last April, he inflicted several wounds with a knife on the victim

Venezuelan murdered in the town of Arica in Chile

The Venezuelan died after receiving several bullet wounds

The Cicpc is looking for 12 subjects for the murder of a vigilante

The subjects are allegedly members of the criminal organization El Brayli

Venezuelan twins die in fire in Peru

An uncle tried to rescue the 4-year-olds and died too

Downed a garitero of the Train of Aragua

The police arrived at the scene and the criminals immediately began an exchange of fire.

Reply: Franyerson Rivero is being confused about his identity

Relatives assure that he has no relationship with the Koki gang

16 accused of invading six towers of a residential complex

The Public Ministry charged the crimes of invasion and conspiracy