My Open School Plan is applied in Carabobo 

#Carabobo The plan will first address territories of Greater Valencia and will be extended to the 20 school territories

Started water supply plan in Naguanagua

#Carabobo The aqueduct will benefit more than 11 thousand families

They meet the request for lighting through the 1×10 in Carabobo

#Carabobo Authorities highlight the immediacy in response through the 1x10 system

PSUV mobilized in 24 states against imperialist sanctions

#Pulsoregional Organized people and workers deploy in support of President Nicolás Maduro

Territorial assemblies of the food sector are held in Carabobo 

#Carabobo The seven strategic lines of work will be applied

Plan Mi Escuela Abierta will be implemented in Carabobo

#Carabobo The action seeks to guarantee the absolute right to education

In Naguanagua, an awareness campaign for motorists began 

#Carabobo They seek to reduce accident rates on the roads of the municipality

In Carabobo they will build a new Municipal Cemetery in Libertador

#Carabobo The Camposanto will have an extension of three hectares and will have 8 graves and 4 tombstones

Rehabilitation of the San Pablo Hermitaño Sanctuary in Carabobo began

#Carabobo The works include the renovation of the facade of the temple

More than 1.300 operations are carried out in Carabobo for free

#Carabobo The National Surgical Plan will care for patients with different pathologies