Maduro denounced right-wing plans to sabotage the Electrical System

The Head of State highlighted that these actions are aimed at harming the people and especially those communities where Chavismo wins the elections with 90% of the votes.

Government will organize event to demonstrate productive capacity

Vice President Delcy Rodríguez and the Minister of Agriculture, Wilmar Castro Soteldo, are in charge of bringing together the exponents of the new brands that have emerged in the country

Maduro appoints Minister of Communes as rector of the housing plan

The president reiterated his commitment to deliver 500 thousand homes annually to reach 3 million in 2030

Maduro creates General rank of the Sovereign People for FANB officers

The Head of State assured that no government will come to the country that privatizes the military institution and brings back American soldiers to lead the FANB and impose its doctrines.

Godfather: on June 28 the army will take to the streets to protect the people

The Minister of Defense urged Venezuelans to continue working in the brave and anti-imperialist homeland

Crowds gathered in Carabobo to greet Maduro

The Head of State shared with the people of Carabobo, prior to the commemorative events of the 203 years of the Battle of Carabobo

They propose recognizing the role of women in the Battle of Carabobo

#Carabobo The request will be raised at the national level within the framework of the 203 years of the independence feat

FANB seized 8 drug packages and detained 3 citizens in Carabobo

The narcotics were transported hidden in packages of corn flour and cereals

In Valencia they celebrated the birthday of the oldest woman in Venezuela

#Carabobo Mayor Fuenmayor gave recognition to the older adult for her career

They provide furniture to 121 schools in Carabobo through 1×10

#Carabobo They gave tenure to more than 3.600 teachers