Rains left around 400 families affected south of Valencia

#Carabobo Homes flooded with total loss of belongings in the José Leonardo Chirinos community

Rains flooded six communities in the south of the Valencia municipality

#Carabobo They deployed a multidisciplinary device in the Miguel Peña parish of Valencia

Heavy rains in Carabobo collapsed highways in Greater Valencia

#Carabobo Heavy rains left several roads and sectors flooded

Monument to Atanasio Girardot reopened in Carabobo 

#Carabobo The rehabilitation included the bust of the colonel, the lower part, the park and the roads

Regions have free dental service

In hospitals of Aragua and Carabobo they do extractions and endodontics

Sculpture of the master Wladimir Zabaleta is restored in Carabobo 

#Carabobo The work is a tribute from the teacher to the patron saint of the Naguanagua municipality

First 0800 Mustache branch inaugurated in Puerto Cabello

More than 1.490 people attended during the second medical-care day in #Carabobo

In Carabobo they attend to various requests from the 1×10 of Good Government

#Carabobo Construction of the Las Palmitas sports complex in Rafael Urdaneta advances

They carry out the first deployment of the 0800 Mustache in Carabobo

#Carabobo Around 1500 people from Villa de Dios and Sucre Norte were treated in the operation

Rains in Guacara left 46 families affected

#Carabobo In the Guacara municipality there were also two sectors cut off from communication due to the rainfall of the last 24 hours