Chilean startups created by Venezuelan migrants stand out

Fracttal, Whataform and Vita Wallet are among the most successful

Farmatodo reaches 104 years and celebrates its 175 stores in the country

The company baptized its book "History of the possible" where it reflected the trajectory of the organization.

Ron Cacique 500 wins a Double Gold medal in San Francisco

He added 4 medals in the main spirits competition in the United States.

Impact of the Russian and Ukrainian war on world fertilizer supply

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a threat to the world's food security, Both are large exporters of cereals and fertilizers, which...

Forbes recognized Ron Carúpano as one of the best in the world

It was rated #1 in the ultra premium category

Bank of Venezuela program encourages entrepreneurs

Provides a digital form for them to formalize the support they require

Trouble at home or office? DiiExpert solves

#Business A Venezuelan app brings together various service providers

Tips for making a powerful CV

If you're actively looking for a job, you'll want to have a strong resume that can outperform other candidates in the quest for...

5 ideas to start an online business in 2022

The online world is an inexhaustible source of possibilities. In fact, many traditional businesses are "migrating" to digital platforms. But also in this new...

Ron Pampero wins 11 medals in England       

The brand was recognized by juries of the main international competitions