Chronicle of all time

In Maja mia, Ernesto Villegas tells the story of a migration that can be read both from the individual experience and from that of a...

Biographies that shine with their own light

Villegas gives a detailed context of the time his mother lived

The debts of a ghostwriter

Paul Auster, the Brooklyn writer: between fiction and reality

Paul Auster: the hidden hero is me

The title is misleading. There is no hidden hero in the work of Paul Auster. Or if? The answer seems simple: in his novels, the protagonist...

Deep sea, lovesickness

A love story guides, as an efficient cause, the anecdote of The Sea That You Give Me, by Jorge Rodríguez, from the first to the...

Rivers that flow into a novel

The sea that you give me calls for diverse readings and multiple readers

Mariana Enríquez: terror yes, fear no

Can there be terror without fear? Perhaps, if terror is understood as a label that is attached to the literary text and fear is...

Horror stories for scared people

Horror literature is renewed with the narrative of Mariana Enríquez

A happy world by Pérez Pirela

Miguel Ángel Pérez Pirela's novel can be read as well as listened to

Happy: narrating from the intimate

Happy, the latest novel by Miguel Ángel Pérez Pirela, incorporates, without concealment, autobiography and chronicle; and he does it in a language that,...