And the sauce is here to stay

Salsa by Federico Betancourt and his Combo Latino, by José Luis Basulto and Gherson Maldonado

When hell is shaped like an archipelago

The castle of Barbazul, by Javier Cercas

The desire to live in slow motion

The Time of the Flies, by Claudia Piñeiro

love never goes out of style

Books | Starting Over by Colleen Hoover

Instructions for watching a play

Books | Crime and other evidence, by Rodolfo Porras

Giving voice to the silences of history

Books | Background voices, by María Elvira González

Science and literature went to the countryside one day

Books | The death told by a sapiens to a Neanderthal, by Juan José Millás and Juan Luis Arsuaga

From paradise to hell in a jiffy

Books | Forbidden to doubt, the ten weeks in which Ukraine changed the world, by Pascual Serrano

Bonfires of a Timeless Adolescence

Books | Bonfires of a Timeless Adolescence, by Tarek William Saab

A shadow remnant: 12 years in the poetry of Freddy Ñáñez

On Saturday at FILVEN the presentation of the poetic anthology of Freddy Ñáñez is scheduled